Love Black MC

  1. Just felt like chatting about black is soo yummy and I love the black base with the 33 vibrant that I never see any in my town...makes it more is just that I have shared my love of black MC I have a question...inside a black mc bag would a black or white mc accessory look better? Better to mix it up or keep it the same? Anyone want to share there love of black MC please indulge!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. I like the black better than the white, or maybe I just know that I could keep the black cleaner!! LOL!!! I think mixing up the accessories is a good idea!!!
  3. I think a black mc bag that has a white mc cles on it looks hot!!:smile:
  4. Mix it up!!!
  5. thanks gang...I too think mixing is cool...
  6. I've always stuck with the same color. But then again, I have way too many black MC accessories to use, so I don't get the chance to mix it up, haha.
  7. The Black MC is hot! Indeed, a unique purse.
  8. I love my black MC Speedy too :smile: And mix it all up is what I say!! WHite MC in small accessories look really pretty and balances up the bigger black MC bags to perfection.
  9. I was thinking eventually not now to get the white MC pouchette accessoire to go inside the black MC Aureilla...then when I need a small white pouchette for an evening out I can take it out of the aureilla and put the pouchette extender on it is is twice the cost of the mono pouchette which was a disappointment..ouch..but, there is brass on it...not now but, next year.....then I will have some white MC in my collection...
  10. I agree black MC is hot!!!
  11. I like the white better. The colors pop out more.
  12. I'm borderline obsessive when it comes to matching accessory pieces, so I carry black on black. :yes:
  13. LVpug, I'm glad you're loving you black MC. A lady at work carries fake MC bags in both black and white, and she has lots of different ones. I was totally turned off by MC until I saw the real thing at my first trip to the boutique. It's so colorful and bright! I feel like I'm too plain to carry it, though. I'll just admire it on you and others on tPF and keep my eyes open for a real one to pop up around my town. :smile:
  14. Its made to mix up.... I think too much black mc together is to OCD for me... and I like variety! plus it looks HOT!
  15. i only like the white. the black is so fluorescent that it looks tacky :yucky: