LOVE BEIGE TOTE...anyone have it?

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  1. I have one on hold..I gotta go look at tomorrow.....Its alot for a fabric(satin)tote..Im unsure..Anyone seen it IRL..Ive only seen purple..didnt like that one ......I dont want to drive an hour to be disappointed...LOL
    Thanks for your always!
  2. i saw it yesterday. three of us friends thought it was overpriced. looked a lot better on the print ad. i guess it would be great only for die-hard collectors.
  3. are you sure the beige tote is satin?......I've played with it.... and, well.... I don't wanna burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure it's canvas......
  4. I was originally down for the violet coloured satin one then changed to the canvas one but decided against either of them. The canvas I thought was too simple for the price and the satin I was worried about my nails snagging on it all the time like they do with my scarves.:sad: ( I don't have rough nails,:shame: just normal little rough bits that suddenly appear and catch on the silk sooo easy.)
  5. I have a picture that I took of it that I can post when I get home.
  6. i have seen the violet satin and the beige canvas.....absolutely loved the satin, but i think the canvas is more pratical for every day use. it's a very plain tote.....but that's also why i love it, it's perfect to use as a every day bag. and i love the lvoe symbol.
  7. I've seen all of them. The canvas would be the most durable but is definitely the most plain, especially the inside.
    The satin ones (both khaki and violet) are just waiting to be snagged, the material is really fragile. And I don't know why but I feel like the sequins might fall off eventually.
    Either way, they're cute but I think they're a bit too pricey for what they are.
  8. saw the biege canvas IRL.

    Be ready for this, it is very simple and the beading is.....not as good as I expected. Simple and easily made with beads and glue. The canvas looked exactly like linen to me. You know the natural coloured linen for pants, shirts and shorts many wear during summer. I would have prefered a whiter cotton feel rather than the natural linen (rough and dirty) look.

    Hope you dont get dissapointed cuz I was. :smile:
  9. These bags, especially the plain canvas, is really too pricey. The satin ones look really fragile to me and looks as if they would be easily snagged by anything and everything.
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  12. neither one is beige.....but just to show you the pics....!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Saw it yesterday, wasn't impressed - way too much $ for what it is. Also saw the Dentelle Speedy IRL for the first time. Kind of cute, but I have enough Speedys already. They did start a waitlist for the Miroir Lockit for me. I'm first on the list, so I should get one!:yahoo:
  15. I was first on the lists for the violet and khaki satin ones and the beige canvas. I went in to look at the violet satin and beige canvas over the weekend and I passed on both. I like the violet satin one better than the canvas, the canvas looked sorta cheap to me for the price. I'm still waiting on the khaki satin one to come in so I can take a look at it.