Love bangle: snug or loose


Jun 13, 2014
I went to try on a cartier love bangle today with an intent to purchase it. I have average to larger sized arms and wrist which bloat easily with heat. I really wanted to buy the bracelet a bit looser but the sales associate said it’s a bad idea, the screws loosen up quickly on looser bangles, and that’s why people unknowingly lose their bangles.
My question is for all cartier love bangle owners: did you go with a snug fit or a looser fit? And why?
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Jan 13, 2019
I went with a loser fit...I don’t like them feeling super tight or gripping in my wrist. You need to feel comfortable- because you are wearing it 24/7. I have 2- and yes , I think when they fit a little looser than they do knock together and the screws can loosen. If you are wearing only one, I think you would be fine. Another thing to note- if you are going to wear more than 1, I think you don’t want tight- they will become very cuff like it fit.


Jun 1, 2007
I went with a tighter fit and I truly regret not going for a looser fit. It's not crazy snug, but sometimes when I get sweaty (working out, etc.) I wish I had more room to move the bracelets up and down. I post it a lot here, but I always personally would recommend sizing up. Most SAs will always recommend the smaller size, but I personally recommend otherwise for comfort.
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
Go for the looser fit. It's not a pair of jeans that if you don't fit anymore, you can just throw away. It's a piece of jewelry, and you'll gain weight- most people do as they age.
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Dec 30, 2017
Mine is looser fit and the screws never loosen. A looser sit has a different look to it, more like a bangle, which I prefer that look on me better than snug. Also looks better if you want to stack, everything moves freely.
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Sep 29, 2019
I like snug, I hate when mine slides too far up my arm, I like it to stay around my wrist area
Jul 18, 2007
Southern California
I bought the small bracelet and it is on the snug side. I can take it off each day no problem and it doesn’t move around a lot so it doesn’t get banged up. I barely have any scratches and have had it a year. I really was in between sizes but the larger size hit the bottom of my palm and when I turned my arm it moved half way around. I suggest trying it again and see how it feels, where it hits and how much you want it to move. Good luck in your decision I know it’s a tough one.
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Mar 8, 2020
I had a similar dilemma to you! I just purchased my first thin love over the phone. I liked the look of bangle being snug as that’s how it’s technically supposed to be worn and my SA recommended the smaller fit as it’ll help prevent damages from banging it too often. It fits just fine and it’s comfortable and I like how it doesn’t move as much. Besides comfort I would leave it up to how you like it to look on your wrist! Good luck :smile:
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Nov 25, 2006
I got snug as recommended by the SA. I don’t like it constantly rotating on its own so my current size is perfect for me. I can slide it up to 2 inches above my wrist and I can still rotate it if I wanted to. As long as your snug isn’t to the point of you not being able to move it around, then it would be a good fit. I tried one size up and it can pretty much go all the way near my elbow.
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Jan 1, 2016
I was between a 16 and 17. Went with the 17 and happy I did!
You might want to keep in mind if you go with the smaller one, it will be harder to stack. If you wanted to stack other bangles, they would need to be the same size which seems like it would be uncomfortable. Bracelets larger would risk scratching it.
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Jan 11, 2018
Please help! My wrist measures 14.5 cm and I went with size 16 in my loves and 15 in the Clou. Often regret this and wish I would have sized up. Do you think this is too tight? Should I rehome the stack and size up?