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  1. I have been watching that too it authentic??? If so, the interior is soo plain:confused1: I can't wait to see what the satin ones look like ..they should be released soon?????
  2. :confused1: It's amazing how plain that is, it's even plainer than Antiguas and mini lins, and thrice the price.
  3. I love the simplicity of this bag!! But look at the price it is going for?? What is the retail?
  4. I know ... I am quite shocked as I was considering purchasing this - I think I prefer the Navy/Striped Antigua:yes:
  5. I kinda dig it..I despised the bright pink/purple one at the trunk show..It hurt my eyes to look at it.Im listed for the beige one..but havent seen that one IRL either.
  6. I really like it.

  7. REALLY:nuts: Are the LoVe totes due to be launched this weekend???
  8. Yep LVoe due out 1st April I'm down for the Violet (I think I may have listed for the canvas one too) one can't wait to see it I really like the one in the eBay listing. I am concerned about the satin material so that will be the deciding factor for me but I'll have to see it IRL first. The satin tote is £650 (I think)
  9. ""streng Limitiert auf lediglich "100 Stück"" There will only be 100 of them available?!?! And I thought these would be in cotton not linen?

  10. I think this is fake, Look at the stamp inside, the letters look really off. Also where is the box ? surely if its new, it would have a box ??. I think its fake
  11. ^^ I was unsure if it was authentic too....I hope someone here is able to purchase one soon and post photos:heart:
  12. Wow, fake LVOE bags already? :wtf:
  13. About the box though, not all stores give boxes, in UK/France I've still not gotten any box for anything.
  14. Well, when people lie right on their auctions, it really makes me want to stay away. 100 in the world??? I don't think so.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.