Love at second sight !!!

  1. OK, I suppose to stay home and do my project today ,and go check out the Gaucho this Sunday. However, I just can't wait any longer so I decided to just go anyway. I was at Dior looking at my most wanted Gaucho thinking they sure look gorgeous!:nuts: I know I wanted the red from the start but I was afraid the color wouldn't suit for Spring and Summer, so I tried the white instead....but some how the white just doesn't seen right on me :Push: I don't know why. I felt so sad and went looking at the wallets instead. I got a pink wallet from dior ,which I don't really like, but thinking it might cheer me up a bit, but it didn't:suspiciou. So I walked around the mall went into LV, Chanel...etc still feeling very upset because I wanted the Guacho very bad...why wasn't it look good on me:cry:
    After all the walking and regreting I went back to Dior decided to buy it anyway, and this time I tried the red instead. BOY! This time I feel the love :love: !!!I [​IMG]found my true match yey!!!:biggrin:
  2. Wow! Its beautiful! Congrats.
  3. That Gaucho Gotcha!! It's beautiful though
  4. yeah!!!!I am all happy now !!! I love it !
  5. Well I think it is just BEAUTIFUL! I chose white because I need that color already and have the paddington in the same red. Everyone who saw me decide between the 2 colors, liked the RED more! I chose white anyways, but, do like the red the best! ENjoy your stuuning, hot bag!
  6. I also love the white but sadly it doesn't look good on me.....:sniff: IT look good on Star and Fayden tho!!!
  7. that's cool when you finally have bag epiphany!
  8. So am I the only one here now who has not bought the Gaucho? Hmm...maybe I do need to take that "side" teaching gig...
  9. Everevereve, I'm envious!! :biggrin:

    I love it but I need a work bag more than a casual bag.... so I can only DROOOOOOOL at the lovely pic! Congrats on your purchase! Glad this one fits very well on you. :smile: :smile:
  10. :biggrin: get one get one they are lovely in person!!!
  11. Love it!
  12. I think it is very pretty I try it with a dress ( since I like to wear dress ) and it work well too:lol: I took better with stuff in it too!
  13. Gorgeous! Congrats :nuts: Everyone has one but me :sad: I'll just have to live vicariously through you gaucho-ers until I can afford one!
  14. Congrats and I'm sure you will enjoy!!! I think I'm done w/ big purchases til my LV Damier Speedy comes in..whenver that may be!:biggrin:
  15. You picked a great color! I like the red as well as the white. I favor the white for myself only b/c I don't have but one white bag. Your red is awesome! :love: :love: