Love at first sight!!!

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  1. :yahoo:I got home from work and on my front step was a huge box. I quickly went inside and opened it.... after removing the packing paper, i removed a beautiful box with a lovely ribbon.....I read the card first from the sweet SA......then carefully opened the box and removed the dust bag and untied it and the smell overwhelmed me.... fell in complete and total love as I danced around with my new Bayswater!!!! She is so beautiful! Perfect black bag!!!! The darwin leather is wonderful feeling!

    Sorry ladies, but I have no shop to go to and the last time I saw a Mulberry IRL was about a year ago. Oh, the affair has begun, must have a wallet and keychain, now!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo envious of those of you that can actually visit the shops.....
    A trip is in my future!!!:heart::heart::love:
  2. Congrats - and you MUST post pics!

    kroquet...I just remembered that you bought this bag in NJ....ON lucky lucky girl!
    You're right, we do have a hard time seeing beautiful Mulberry babes here in the States. It makes her really special, yes? I just love having bags that are not seen everywhere....on everybody, etc.
  3. Yay! Congratulations. I can just imagine you dancing round the house right now. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Love that smell - it's so distinctive.
    When can we see piccies?
  4. Congrats! You are one lucky duck! I'm so jealous--you just got the bag I am head over heels in love with! Use in good health!!!
  5. And so it begins , I wonder how long before you make that next purchase .
  6. Really enjoyed your articulate description of finding your new purchase! We share your joy. CONGRATS.(so pleased you did not buy from ebay....I doubt you would have been so excited).:yahoo::yahoo::tup:
  7. HOORAY!! KROQUET!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorry I could'nt wait up last nite until you got home,I've been dying for you to get it!!)xxxxx
  8. CONGRATULATIONS!! The love affair has started......

    Please post pics of your new bag and some modelling pics - we'd all love to see it.
  9. Thanks all. That leather is just so beautiful!! I will be online on Christmas to check out the keyring and Wallet (purse)!!
    As far as pics, I am probably the only person left on earth that still uses film! I will wait for my son to help me with using my phone camera. Such an idiot I am!! Very tech challenged!!!
  10. Haha! Me too!! I had to call Andy while he was away on a business trip to help me,and a lady off the YSL forum helped me too,to Andy it was just complete fodder for ridiculing me!!! All he kept saying was 'handbag?sad bag more like........yes thats YOU!!!......................................................................pig
  11. Congratulations - sounds like you're delighted with your new bag :tup:
  12. Congratulations!!!!:dothewave:
  13. Ooooo congrats :yahoo:- do we get to see piccies?