Love at first sight

  1. I am still in awe. I just bought this today at Nordstrom's Rack for a heck of a deal. Seriously, I am in shock. Can anyone tell me more about it. I know it is a Paddington, but that is about it. :heart:
  2. claudias, could you take a couple more piccies for us. My initial reaction is a medium whisky paddy, but it could also have been the orange, if you could get some natural light on her, we can tell you for sure.
    Congrats on your fab new bag :biggrin:
  3. That looks like a Paddington Satchel in Orange or whiskey. It lighting is what is making me not sure. Gorgeous, btw!
  4. Oh..Gorgeous bag!!! I love the leather!!! Congratulations!!!
    You can find all the informations about Paddington in the sub-forum "Chloe reference library". What I can say is that I understand how you feel!!! It's a great bag!!! I'm happy for your new love!!!:love:
  5. It is definitely orange. About the same color as my orange Giselle. I have a thing for orange.
  6. It is BEAUTIFUL! :nuts:
    How much is a heck of a deal :rolleyes:
  7. Promise not to fall over?

  8. :wtf: :upsidedown:

  9. I didn't promise and have promptly fallen over. Enjoy!
  10. :woohoo: :amazed: $400!!!!!!!! OMG :nuts: That is the deal of the century surely!

    Congrats on your amazing find! The bag looks gorgeous :heart:
  11. :wtf: I have fallen over and someone needs to call 911 for me because I am having a hard time breathing!

    Its the orange paddy I am almost positive unless more pictures prove otherwise. I believe it is a Fall 2006 bag, I saw them in the stores towards the end of summer. I know one member here got it (she has pics of it) during one of the Nordstrom sales. I think at Anniversary it was around $940.00. Congrats on a great find. :yes:
  12. $400?????? :wtf: WOW!!!!
  13. It's moments like these I can't stand living down here! Sooooooo green right now!
  14. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  15. Tres fantastic! I love the color~~