Love at First Sight:Post Your Story Here

  1. Post your story about how you first fell in love with Coach. :heart:
    Sorry if this was already done!

    I first fell in love with Coach during my freshman year of high school when my Aunt had this really cute Coach Demi in Khaki/Brown. I was LUSTING over it and she told me that it was $149 and I freaked! She took me to the Coach Boutique where I saw it on a white pedestal and I was completely drooling over it. It wasn't until a couple days before my 15th birthday that my mom and I met our current SA and he introduced me to a very perky looking Coach backpack...which my lovely mother purchased for me after three visits and countless verbal adorations. My SA wrapped it up with a bow and we brought it home. I even buckled the bag up in the backseat! :shame:
  2. Way back in the good ole days, ya know back in the early 90's (back before they ever had the signature sorry sometimes I feel so old on this forum....;) I used to just carry cheap bags, because I would love them for a week, get tired of them and buy more....Then I saw someone with the Coach Court and they looked so sophisticated with it.....I got one and I have loved Coach ever since...
  3. I fell in love with Coach when I was working at Kaufmann's ( now Maceys) I would go over to the purse section on my break and admire all the Coach bags under the case. For my 19th birthday my boyfriend at the time bought me a all leather bag in british tan. (can't remeber the name of the bag but its a older one) I carried that bag everyday and treated it like it was my baby. I used it for a long time. I still have that bag and the leather is still outstanding. I've had a soft spot for Coach since. I love Coach and it keeps getting better and better!:love:
  4. I used to oogle over the coach bags but thought they were too expensive.. I too bought cheap bags and used them for a week before changing -- I suppose I was never happy.
    Then I saw the ladybug bag in the spring of 2005 and I fell in love. It was green, cute, and had adorable ladybugs on it. I had to have it. My bf bought it for me for my birthday and I was soooooo excited opening up that brown box -- I knew my ladybug bag was inside. :heart::heart::heart:
    Ever since then I have been a coach fanatic. I mean the quality is fantastic and the designs are soooo cute. I do like the leather but I have to say I'm more of a fan of the odd and funky bag (so far I own the ladybug hobo, bee flap, resort carryall (with the fish), resort demi (with the fish), and the patchwork wristlet from xmas '06).
    Maybe I'm a bit too old for the "funky and cute" bags but the way I see it is that I'm as young as I feel and I feel younger and cuter when carrying the ladybug bag :nuts:
  5. I walked into the Coach outlet a year and a half ago.
    That was it.
    I was in LOVE!:heart:
  6. Two years ago, on a saturday in early March...I walked into Coach with a $100 American Express gift card, fully intending on coming home with this:


    The color just drew me in...and made me fall in love.

    However, I was about a week late, as that color was no longer available in the store.


    But the SA ordered it for me...and on St Patrick's Day, 2005, it was delivered to me.

    My family was shocked that I spent so much on ONE bag...I promised it would be the ONLY purse purchase that year.

    Yeah..I sooooo lied.
  7. My aunt had won a Coach bag at Macy's years ago and it was this big brown Ali looking bag with the was beautiful and heavy and my cousins and I were in awe. The second time I fell in love with a Coach bag was when the Pocket Satchel in Biscotti and Gold came out and I paid 575.00 on eBay for it! I sold it 2 months later for 600.00 and now I see on eBay for 250.00. This is OT (Coach)...but the first time I fell hard for handbags was when I saw Sofia Coppola carrying the Sofia bag that Marc Jacobs made for her. I was able to purchase the one that came out later, it was Black with the most beautiful ballet pink suede inside and gorgeous brass hardware....I can't beleive I ever parted with that bag and I have been chasing bags that look like that ever since which is why I was so happy when the Legacy Shoulder bags came out...though I sold that one too...why? I think that will be my next purchase as i don't want to long for a bag like that again:smile:.
  8. 3 years ago, DH and I were looking for a gift to give his sister for helping so much with our wedding. He mentioned that she liked Coach. Me being from a small town where there isn't even fast food, said "What's Coach?" :shrugs:

    I started browsing their website and went to the boutique and made a purchase for SIL. I didn't have them put it in a box because we were traveling to Europe for the wedding (in Scotland where she lived). The whole trip I kept pulling the purse out and wearing it and touching it and drooling over it :drool:

    Needless to say, upon our return from Europe - it was alllllllll over......... I bought this in camel!
  9. I fell in love with coach a long time ago. I worked at macys for 3 years starting in 2002 and also would go to the coach section on my break and drool.... Sadly, macys measely $7 an hour is not enough to buy even one bag :'( but alas! I would still go and look at the shoes and bags..... The men's section back then had a lot of cool men's coach sneakers. My first coach buy was a Bobbi type sneaker [​IMG] for 32 dollars, but I needed the money so I sold it on eBay for around 80!!! I regretted it ever since :'( that sneaker was so pretty!

    Then, around the spring of 2003, a lot of coach accessories went on sale! Ipod cases, umbrellas, etc... I got a light blue coach umbrella with mini Cs for $26 dollars!!! And with Macy's money (20 dollars off), I ended up paying 6 dollars!!! I STILL HAVE THAT UMBRELLA!!!!

    That was the only coach item I owned up until this year, valentines day. My boyfriend knows I love coach because I always used to lurk on this forum and go on the website and stop by the section at macys, so he got me these boots for valentines day!!![​IMG] only in brown instead of black..... then I tried to find a bag to match it... took me weeks... I found an associate at macys who was very helpful who helped me find a perfect match in a bag.... AND IT WAS ON SALE FOR $208 (but i paid 175 for it cuz my friend had a discount for opening a new card)[​IMG]

    i also got a little scarf on the side but i think i might exchange it for the legacy stripe scarf to go with my legacy stripe wedge sandals!!! oh and i also have simple black coach pumps and a skinny mini in a denim with brown leather trim....
    I need to take pics of everything together lol....

  10. Two years ago a girl in my sorority had the signature demi and I fell in love with it! I bought a few off ebay and thought I was awesome for getting "such a good deal" but then I realized that they were fake after coming on tPF almost a year ago. After about a month on tPF I went to the outlet and fell in love with everything and come home with a hampton's small weekend tote! Its been an addiction ever since!

    Since then I only buy my bags at the boutique and my bf and family know how much I love Coach so whenever they see a good deal at Macy's or the Outlets (and the bf frequents the boutique because its right next to the Apple store) I get surprises. My collection has grown so much in the past year and it will keep growing.
  11. Aww, I love reading all your stories. :smile:
    It's sort of like a fairytale.
  12. I was always against designers. i never understood the appeal, or why people would pay so much for something like a bag.
    Then, one day, i was looking online for a blue case for my new mp3 player, and somehow i was directed to the Coach website and saw a blue mini skinny. i thought "wow! that color is great!"

    that was it. i have been hooked ever since (ok, it's only been like 5 months, but i've made a lot of purchases since then!)

    the funniest thing is that i never bought that first mini skinny that started it all!:shrugs:
  13. I can't remember it was so long ago. I just remember walking by them at the Macy's. I don't know what it was but I wanted one. I never bothered asking for one because I knew my mom would not spend $128 (demi price back in 01) One day while I was just admiring them my mom asked me do you want it? I tried it on and my mom said it was to small to go for the hobo clip $248. A few weeks later for my birthday I got the hobo clip and a french signature wallet in khaki. She spent over $400. My mom is the best. Ever since, I've been hooked.
  14. I always carried relatively nice bags, Brahmin, Bally, Brighton. But, I remember in '80's looking at the Coach Classics catalogs over and over and over again, but never buying a bag, my very first purchase was a leather keyfob. I still have it. But about 3 years ago, after toting a diaper bag forever . . . "I just want a purse!" A move to the country with limited access to malls . . . I re-discovered Coach on Ebay! And, the pursuit began . . .
  15. ditto! sorry.