Love at first sight ? or Learned to love ?

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  1. I thought this would be fun. I have to say I am falling more and more in love with my large ergo tote every day. When these first came out I did not like them at all then like I stated in another post I saw one out one night and it piqued my interest and then when one became available I wasn't crazy still about it but it was a good deal and practical for me. Now I LOVE my large leather ERgo tote, I never would have imagined. Now Ali on the other hand, instant love when they first came out, lusted after it and then finally got her in black leather, still love it and I have to say she is my favorite. So the question is does anyone have a Coach bag they learned to love and a bag that was love at first sight ?
  2. I agree...for me Ali was love at first sight. And a year ago, that was probably the largest size bag I had. That is why I used to not like the Carly at all because I thought the medium was too small and the large was just too big. Fast forward a year, and I have nothing but larger sized bags :upsidedown:. I decided to try the Carly again and am in love with & currently carrying my lg parchement Carly.
  3. Believe it or not, I "learned" to love Ali (I now have 2) and the Carly. It was love at first sight for my pink suede gallery tote and my andrea satchel in cognac.
  4. I have a bag that falls in both categories! My gardenia leigh was love at first sight and I'm learning to love it. It's weight and shorter drop and east-west shape take a little getting used to for me but none of those things are bad or wrong! I'm sticking up for my Leigh and I am unanimous in this!!
  5. I pretty much know right off the bat if I'm going to love something and it'll be a keeper, or not so much and it'll wind up going back. Even if I try to love something (like the Heritage totes - they just are so practical!), but in the end I know that if I dont love it, there is little chance that it will grow on me to the extent that I'll want to keep it. Now I only buy what I really love, and just admire the others on everyone else.
  6. Yes I thought this was me exactly too ! I think the turnlock and legacy lining on te large ergo tote is what is getting me the most about this bag though. Now I am all :love:
  7. ummm.... I can't think of a bag I learned to love. I love some more than others, but most of my bags I just HAD to buy. Now, I fall out of love rather quickly, hence my numerous returns. I have a had a few that I tried to "learn to love" after I fell out of love but had already used the bag, but there aren't that many of those.

    Make sense?

    EDIT: Okay, I "learned" to love the tattersall wallet below quickly. When I got all the Tattersall accessories last fall I didn't get the wallet because it wasn't my style. However, when I saw it in the outlet earlier this month I HAD TO HAVE IT! DOes that count?
  8. I learned to love my Elisa. I loved it in the photo, then got it in person and wanted to take it back. But I didn't, and knowing I couldn't take it back I started using it. Now I love it!
  9. Oh boy, I mean girl! I guess I had a lot of crushes:love: and one-night-stands!!!!!:wtf:
    I wasn't really sure about Ali:confused1:, curious enough to order her in black . . . and we all know what happened next . . . . :heart:smitten for life:girlsigh: . . . will this bag look great on an 80 year old women:lol:!?!

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  10. I was the exact same way about the Ergos - I didn't like them at all until I tried one one and I love it! I just picked up my first one today at the Outlet. I'm also trying to fall in love with my new Thompson Hobo - I loved it in the store when I tried it on, but when I got it home, it just looks huge!!! And, I love big bags - I'm going to give it a little more time before I decide though.
  11. For me, the Ali's were love at first site. I saw them online and knew they would be the perfect bag. I think I learned to love my large turquoise ergo hobo. I didn't even get it until months later when I found it at the outlet. I bought it for the color and fell in love with its style and comfort.
  12. Last month, I went to my local boutique with the intention of purchasing the Tattersall Travel Tote, and they were holding the last one for me. But when I got to the boutique and tried it on, it looked too overwhelmingly big on me (I'm only 5 feet tall). I was disappointed, as I really loved this bag, but just couldn't deal with how it looked on me. And I don't care for the Heritage Stripe Tattersall Totes, as I don't like the pink stripe down the middle. So I ended going with the Bleeker Large Canvas tote, which I initially wasn't too crazy about, but looked good on me and felt comfortable. And I ordered the matching framed wristlet as well.

    Then, earlier this week, I decided to exchange the Bleeker tote and wristlet for a Carly and a Hamptons wristlet. But after I made the exchange, I felt really lost without the Bleeker tote and wristlet and was kinda depressed all week, like I had "returner's remorse" if there is such a thing. So when my $50 gift card arrived in the mail yesterday, I pretty much ran back to the boutique to re-purchase them, especially after I noticed that the framed wristlet in natural is no longer available on the website. Granted, the $50 gift card didn't make that much of a dent considering the prices of the tote and wristlet ($378 + $148), but I took the card as a a sign that I had to go back to the boutique to retrieve my goodies. And now I'm absolutely in love with my Bleeker Canvas tote! As the song goes, you "don't know what you've got till it's gone!"

    I am so pathetic!! :rolleyes:
  13. My love is so fickle!! I bought a black Ali last year and wasn't sure if I really loved it but it has grown on me and it is now my "go to" bag-the one I wear when I don't know what else to wear. Chelsea Abbey, on the other hand, was love at first site and so it remains. Turquoise Carly I bought during PCE and stuck it in the closet for a few weeks because I wasn't sure if I liked it. Pulled it out recently and thought "what a gorgeous bag, how could I even have questioned?". But then there is the tattersall tote I bought which I thought I LOVED but honestly meh, not so much so back it goes. I guess I fell out of love with that one!

    I also have a Chelsea mineral hobo, black sig studded gallery tote, and camel suede soho flap. All of which I HAD to have and now am just not feeling. I'm thinking of ebaying them in the hopes of making at least $250 or so toward a patent pleated satchel. Should I do it?
  14. I'm right there with you regarding the Ergos. Not too wild about them initially, but I acquired some love, and now, my Ergos are my favorite bags! I also feel it on the other end--I coveted the Heritage Stripe line from the get-go, and just last night, I caught myself gazing adoringly at my large green tote (which I use for work). The worst thing for me is when I fall for a bag and it doesn't suit my needs functionally . . . or when I have to choose between two bags (one that I already have and one that I'm admiring from afar) because I don't want to have too many that are too similar.
  15. I had to learn to love the Carly. At first, I wasn't too sure about it, but now every time I look at it I love it haha