Love At First Sight!! New Stuff!!

  1. :yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
    lv 006.jpg lv 007.jpg lv 008.jpg lv 009.jpg
  2. Ohhh Very pretty!!!
  3. I love her! I really like this bag, I think it's quite beautiful.
  4. OMG~~love it!!!!Congrats!!
  5. What a beautiful bag...and the groom accessories....:drool: Awesome!!!!!!!
  6. Love the bag and the accessories! Congrats.
  7. Gongratulations!!!
  8. wow! lovely items!!
  9. Wow!!!! what a great shopping trip that must have been!! Congratulations!!!
  10. congrats...I just got the groom pouchette wallet too..great choice!
  11. OMG Gorgeous. What is that bag called? I have never seen it before. sooooooooooooooo pretty.
  12. I love everything! :drool: CONGRATS!!!
  13. :nuts: NICE !!!:drool: Congrats!!!
  14. Congratulations! They are all beautiful. I love the Stephen Mono. I saw it in person and it's even better than the pictures.
  15. Holy, holy! You rock! You bought all of that? That is awesome! Congrats, I am in love with everything!