Love at first sight! Instant reveal

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  1. I haven’t had an everyday bag for the past 2 years (since selling my LV Soft Lockit)....found this bag today on a last minute shopping trip and it was love at first sight!! Sorry for the poor picture quality- lighting isn’t working for me!!
    715F34A7-47D3-45D5-B34C-3B4407FB2F7F.jpeg 620B2C81-AAD9-4112-836C-CFFDB747FF9B.jpeg 7ABAD996-B522-457E-A461-C0D417B2CF7B.jpeg
  2. Beautiful bag! I really like the black on black logo on this model!
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  3. I had never seen this model before, and really have never looked at Prada bags. It called to me from across the store! And I agree, the black on black logo is understated and adds to the overall look of the bag.
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  4. Chic bag
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  5. Love it. Good choice. Any mod pics?
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  6. I’m in a 2 day stretch of yoga pants or scrubs- next time I actually get dressed, will take a mod pic!
  7. Not the greatest at mod shots, and my husband would think I’d lost my mind if I asked for help, but at least here you can see the size/shape of the bag!
    1C143924-332C-42FE-8527-EBCB2784F637.jpeg F876A5CB-9F46-402B-80C8-7884E756C00E.jpeg 59B7799B-FD36-45FE-BA95-09951F9EDC3C.jpeg
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