Love at first sight, a Reveal...pic heavy

  1. Lovely, congrats!
  2. That is a stunning bag esp with the rose gold. I can see why my sister wants it.
  3. You could not ask for a more perfect rocco!!!! Perfect pebbles!!!
  4. Congrats, it's so pretty! Now I love the rocco even more... might get one for myself soon-ish :amuse:
  5. great texture and I love the rose gold!
  6. Gorg! Congratulations!
  7. I'm obsessed with rose gold lately and your bag is stunning!
  8. Congrats Boxermom she is gorgeous!!! may I ask how is the leather is. Is it as stiff as the original one from Shopbop? I originally ordered the Black/brass combo from shop bop the leather was so stiff I was deciding what to do... when I was out today I saw the Black/rose gold (not rocco, but deigo) and it was gorgeous so I ordered the black with rose gold today and returned the black/brass. Now I read where you got your original one and I'm wishing I didn't order it from Shopbop... Is the leather softer on this bag then the one from Shopbop? I had the original version and sold it....grrrr and regretted it ever since. That bag was much softer and the leather much shinier than the one I just returned. I hope this one...its coming tomorrow I shipped it overnight:graucho: is softer and shiner
  9. I love the leather on these new bags! So much thicker and more durable!
  10. I know he switched his leather about 3-4 seasons ago. what bag are you looking for???
  11. Hi Giselle. I ordered the Rocco, prior to yesterday I had never seen the rose gold Irl... I saw someone with the black Diego with rose gold and her bag was GORGEOUS... The leather was smooshy and shiny... I am hoping this bag I'm getting from shopbop is shiny and smooshy.
  12. lovely.. enjoy her shes a beauty
  13. This leather is much stiffer than the first gen. The leather and the lining is thicker so that may have something to do with the stiffness. I kind of like how it adds more structure to the design. I'm actually considering conditioning this one. The only AW bag I conditioned was luggage, and it made the leather super soft & enriched the color.:smile:
    I use Loving my Bags conditioner.
  14. ^^^^I'm gonna buy that I want the leather super soft, I am waiting for UPS to deliver this beauty. I'm gonna check lovin my bag web sight now. Thanks so much for the info

  15. Post pics when your new bag arrives!:biggrin:
    I just received delivery on my new Prada skull trick.:graucho: I think I'm going to put it on my Kirsten satchel.
    I should do a reveal for Kirsten. I bought that bag when it was first released and then sold it. I completely regretted selling her and then out of no where one popped up on Bluefly a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure what I would receive from Bluefly...sometimes their stock is not in the best condition, and I'm super picky about my handbags.
    Kirsten arrived all wrapped up in the AW original tissue in absolute pristine condition! She was meant to mine.:love: