LOVE at 1st sight.

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  1. Girls I fell in love today.....


    what do you think?... I'm a high school student with a part time job so it will probably take me until about February to save for it but I think its sooo worth it.
  2. If you love it-go for it!
  3. it's beautiful.
  4. Great choice! I love Guccissima in Gold! :yes:
  5. Saks has the solid white on the designer sales page for $686.90. I've been fighting the urge to jump on it for the past three days, but my resolve is weakening. The only thing that's kept me from jumping on it is the frequent glances at my new brown Amalfi sitting across the room. :tender:
  6. Too old for your age. It's not cute, not chic...and it's not cheap either.
  7. ^ I have to agree....Did you check the sale? :heart: Emmy
  8. I agree...this style is a bit older...and I'm not loving the colour either...sorry... :shrugs:

    I think you could get a more beautiful bag for that money...

    Have you seen this bag IRL?
  9. It's what YOU like that counts, not what other people think. Not everyone likes the same thing, so just because someone says THEY don't like it, doesn't mean it's not the right bag for YOU.

    You said you fell in love with it. I say if that's how you feel and you are able to save up the money...go for it!


  10. No I have'nt seen the bag in person, I guess that would be a smart thing to do right? lol After reading your comments I am starting to rethink it... I'm realizing, like BTBF said , its not very chic. Maybe I'll opt for something else, anyhow I'll keep everyone updated!
  11. pretty bag ... go 4 it
  12. I hope what I'm about to say will be taken in the spirit it is intended and not in a negative way, but I also feel you are too young for such a pricey bag. I'm 51 years old and feel very strongly that we all should have to earn our way up the ladder of the finer things in life. Sure, you are planning to pay for the bag yourself and that's fine, but to own a Gucci bag as a teenager is just not appropriate. I appreciate that you have an eye for the good things in life at your age, but I still feel strongly that we should earn our way to such status items by living life, learning lessons and mostly, having the disposable income to easily purchase things like this.

    Think of ALL the more age appropriate bags, clothes and shoes you could purchase with what this one bag (really intended for an older woman) will cost you. I'm a pragmatist. At your age I'd rather have lots of cool things versus one sole handbag. If you were my daughter (who is 20, by the by), I'd be telling her the exact thing.

    My two cents. :shrugs:
  13. Oh dear...I had a Gucci when I was 15. (Im 38) I still had to earn my way up the ladder (so to speak) I admire that you are going to save up for something that you love!!! I did not!! I do now! I do not think it is inappropriate at all. This is why I love this many different opinions and point of views. LOVE it!!!
  14. I wish I had your taste when I was a teenager, I don't even want to remember the bags I bought at that age :Push: If you love the bag, go for it, that's all that matters IMO!

  15. Thanks for the input and I respect your opinion but I've had designer bags since I was about 14.Some I saved for but many came from my family. My parents have expensive taste and have obviously influenced my don't know if its good or bad but thanks to them I've always prefered luxury items. I would be lying to you if I said I would be fine with buying a bag that is'nt designer because I just would'nt and yes I could buy some clothes or shoes with that money but the lord only knows I have enough of both!:yes: