Love Amarante, but what's the best style in Pomme?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've always loved Vernis leather (my fav's were the bronze and marshmallow), but haven't been able to afford them til now. So I am splurging and have bought the Houston in Amarante (I took the morning off work and am sitting in my living room waiting for the Fedex truck to deliver my first vernis!). But I also LOVE Pomme. It's a toss up which I like better. I originally wanted the Houston in Pomme, but Elux hasn't restocked it for about a month now. So Amarante came along and that made my Houston decision easy. My question now is, which style looks best in Pomme? I have to have one!

  2. Roxbury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. They're all good, but yes, the Roxbury is beautiful!
  4. Ah, darn! I considered the Roxbury in Pomme yesterday when I ordered my Amarante Houston, and they had it in stock too, but I just checked and Elux only has the Roxbury in Perl left :cry:. I am SOOO impatient and hate waiting...

    Do you prefer using the shoulder strap w/ the Rox or using it as a hand-held? Is it roomy enough to hold a bunch of stuff, AND a PTI wallet?

    What do you think of the Reade in Pomme? Thanks!
  5. In Pomme i think the Roxbury Drive looks best.
  6. I love my Roxbury in pomme. It holds the essentials and is not an "everyday" bag but it's worth every penny.
  7. Wow, it seems like the Rox is the one to get in Pomme! I just wish it was in stock on Elux! I'm almost leaning towards the Reade because I can get my hands on it sooner...decisions, decisions!

    BTW, I received my Amarante Houston this morning...will post pics tonight!
  8. Love the Roxbury in pomme
  9. Pomme Roxbury...look:
  10. Here is mine


  11. Jane,

    Doesn't the Pomme Rox look stunning with White MC?!
  12. u can check my thread.. im comparing between my pomme and amarante roxies =)
  13. Nice!!! :drool: I'm sold! I absolutely LOVE the white MC with Pomme. I just haven't decided which white MC to buy. I need lots of pockets for cc's and receipts, but I need something that's compact enough to fit in the MC Lodge (and now the Rox!).
  14. I think white MC is a great complement to all vernis pieces, especially red and pink.

    My white MC wallet is the koala -- it's just so perfect and I am actually carrying it for summer :yes:
  15. Also while I think the amarante is DIVINE, I don't know that I will buy any of it in vernis -- the fingerprint issue just freaks me out too much.

    If I got anything it would probably be the Lexington: doesn't get touched too much like a wallet, but still has a small surface area.

    I am settling for an inclusion bracelet :biggrin: