Love Actually was on TV this past weekend

  1. Didn't you just love the way Liam Neilson related to his little son?

    So much empathy and support.

    And I cried when the Prime Minister's sister found out her husband was cheating.

    A 4-hanky movie, for sure!
  2. I love that movie!

    I love the Prime Minister's dance.

    I love when he answers the phone, "Hello. I'm very busy and important."

    I love the Prime Minister (and later his chauffer) singing Christmas carols to the little girls.

    It was so sad when the photographer was running down the street and Dido's Here With Me is playing in the background.

    I love the scenes in the airport!

    It's a romantic movie, but it's not too much of a chick flick, and I like that!

    (I love Mr. Bean at the jewelry counter!)

    This is one of my favorite Christmas movies!
  3. Great movie !!!!