Love 2 Tote Owners...

  1. I would like to get one. I am considering the PM size.

    To those of have purchased and used them how does the silver and gold hold up? Do they scratch easily?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Don't fold the logo foward; I keep packs of gum in the patch pocket at the front to prevent this from happening. If it gets bent too much, the material will crease and the crease is permanent (although not very noticeable)

    As for scratches, I don't think it should scratch that easily. For one thing, it's not that much miroir as long as you don't throw it around, you should be okay.
  3. I agree with Karman ... try not to fold the logo. I brought my Love2 tote on holidays ... although I managed to not crease the logo, the lil' gold patch has creases from wearing it on my shoulder. As for scratches, I do have a couple on my logo. I really do love the design and functionality of this bag but the vinyl miroir seems a little too delicate. I do wish that LV made the handles out of leather instead of cloth ... just to give some design and strength.
  4. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I went ahead and purchased the pm in khaki (olive) color. I haven't had a chance to use her yet because I purchased a mini lin bucket in ebene color at the same time and I have been using her since I got her last week.
  5. Congrats!!
  6. my lvoe logo has some scratches now but it's not that noticeable. anyway, congrats on your tote. you will love it!