LOVE @ 1st sight

  1. LOVED this bag the moment I saw her.
    Someone else revealed the Large tote already
    But I already had my heart set on the satchel.

    she's my only MK Bag BUT I :heart: her!!!
    I can't get the pictures to show the TRUE color:
    Here she is the DIVA herself MS. AQUA Satchel!:queen:


  2. You did GREAT! I just saw it at the mall a couple of hours ago. I'm normally not a "blue" handbag kind of girl, but this aqua color is BEAUTIFUL!! The aqua may have come home with me if it had been in the N/S version. The lime color is nice as well. Congrats on your new acquisition.
  3. This color is gorgeous! I'm tempted to get it in the travel tote.
  4. Love the coach fob too!

  5. Thank you so much ladies!!!
  6. So stunning!!!! That color is a traffic stopper - and the Coach fob looks fab!! CONGRATS!!
  7. Love this color congrats
  8. LOVE the color!!!!
  9. I love the Hamilton in this color; so gorgeous! Love the Coach fob too...that is the one that got away for me. I missed out on them in stores, and the eBay prices are a little more than I'm wanting to pay. Congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  10. LOVE this color! I had just bought the navy blue Hamilton and was thisclose to exchanging it for the aqua, but changed my mind. I still want this one though, lol!
  11. Thank you!!
    As far as the fob you may want to try bonanza. There is still one left there that is reasonably priced considering they were $58.00 plus tax in stores.
  12. Thank you so much! The color really is stunning.
  13. Thanks for the tip! :smile:
  14. gorgeous and pretty!
  15. Thank you!! In person it is SO much more gorgeous. It's SO difficult to get the right color when taking pictures