Lovcat Paris

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  1. Is anyone familiar with the brand LOVCAT?
  2. i think i've seen paris hilton carrying some bags from this line......i've also seen a bunch of them at designer discount stores and the like.......they're cute, somewhat trendy......decently priced....
  3. Yep, I've seen them too. quite cute lots of hearts, pink. Company is actually Korean. Bag's tend to be reminiscent of other designers. I've got a pink quilted leather, with quilted in the shape of hearts. It's came with a detachaed leather/metal braided chain. Nice evening out purse. Lining is pink hearts as well. I got it for $30! Came with dustbug too. I also have two wallets. One patent leather with hearts imprinted on it.
  4. I've seen some of their wallets at Nordstrom's. Very trendy, but cute.
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