lovcat brand

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  1. do you know the brand lovcat? is it a designer? is it a nice bag? TIA!:yes:
  2. I have heard of the brand. I have even seen some at TJ Maxx. They're pretty nice.
  3. I have a LoveCat wallet, and I love it! The leather is sturdy. I've checked out their purses and really like them, but they're not my style once it's in my arms (don't you HATE that?). I'd get another wallet without hesitation.
  4. I have seen them at Off 5th, although not Saks, so quality can't be too shabby. The quality seems good, but I also thought that brand was more about being trendy.
  5. I have a very cute wallet from them.... I used it for a year, it still looks pretty good, some wear evident at the folds.
  6. Ditto for TJMaxx...all the ones that I have seen there are smaller bags....cute but little. I'm unsure of the quality.
  7. I have a lovcat wallet that I use everyday and so far it has been holding up fairly well! I purchased mine from Nordstrom a couple of years ago. As far as a handbag, I haven't been able to see one IRL. :smile:
  8. I saw a wallet at Off 5Tth but didn't buy it. Looks cute though.
  9. An online designer website, orangeme.com sells Lovecat and they have cute stuff but not worth it for the price.
  10. Lovecat has such cute girly trendy designs that are pretty good quality. Their wallets seem to be much more poplular than the purses. I put them in the catagory of Juicy Couture.
  11. the first time i saw love cat was in macys. some of the stuff must have ended up in TJ Maxx, at first i you typed Target.:push:
  12. donnnt like the bags. i like the wallets i have 3 lol
  13. lovcat is a cute brand, their signature is "hearts". i have one bag from them and it's made from very nice thick leather
  14. I think the items are "cute"- lots of hearts and pastels. Leather is pretty good for the price, but the overall style is on the "young" side
  15. I have the large black frame purse and heart wallet. Luv them both. Quality is good, only one complaint about the handle. Sometimes it comes unattached from the clasp. The leather is very luscious and the lining is really great. I'm 42 so maybe I'm either a little trendy or I just like quality leather.