Lousy service from Bloomingdales

  1. Hi

    Have any of you tried to get Bloomingdales to ship internationally? I had such a bad experience with them via email. They kept asking me to call even when I told them I am from Singapore and will appreciate having my queries answered via email. I was trying to order the Michael Kors Joplin Satchel and the Cole Hann tote from the sale but after all the ding-donging, the sale is now over! Please let e know if anyone of you have successfully got them to ship internationally. Thanks.
  2. This has been my experience too. If there is something I know I want, I can order online but even then it has to go via 'American Checkout' as the shipping agent. If I have a query though, I have always been asked to call rather than email. Having said that though, on the one occasion I did speak to someone, she was beyond helpful and I guess it is to do with the people who speak on the phone being the staff on the ground whereas I suspect the email responses are not written by store staff. Frustrating though isn't it?