"lous vuitton" gold name plate on Montorgueil---- do you think is tacky?

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  1. It will look dated in a few years- if it already doesn't.
  2. I love the name plates - hmmm, to each their own I guess.
  3. I agree with peachylv, "plate is too small to bother me. If it would bother you, you should not get it"and I am one who does not like the plate on the Galliera.
  4. I personally do not like it. I think it stands out too much and takes away from the rest of the bag. It is all up to personal opinion :smile:
  5. I like the small plate, the big one no. Also I really love the Monty!
  6. I like plates (the Inventeur plate in particular), in my experience people do not pay much attention to plates. I've been wearing my Escale PM Ailleurs and a few realized that was a LV bag. :P