LouLou wallet-concerned about lambskin

  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking to purchase my first Saint Laurent SLG and I've fallen in love with the LouLou small v-flap wallet. I was bummed to learn that while the LouLou bags use calfskin leather, turns out the wallets in the line use lambskin. Would it be a big mistake to buy this? I don't want my wallet to be easily scratched or wrinkled. Anyone have experience with a Saint Laurent lambskin SLG? Should I go for the grained calfskin leather instead? For reference, here is the LouLou wallet:
    YSL wallet.jpg
  2. Wow thanks for posting this I would have assumed they used Calfskin throughout the whole LouLou collection. It’s extremely beautiful still, do you know if it’s treated/coated lambskin? Then it might hold up better. I think the YSL lambskin quality would be like any other brand such as Chanel. It definitely will be soft and more prone to scratches than calfskin. A lot of people like when their wallets to show character through softening, scratching and patina. However I think the black will hold up quiet well. But if you like your wallet to look new always I definitely suggest you get calfskin or grained leather. :smile:
  3. I wouldn’t be afraid of ysl lambskin in black, it’s definitely more durable than miu miu...
    For reference I have chanel lambskin wallet and not in black, which many people think is more delicate than ysl
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