LouisVuitton helping me feel better

  1. Prior to a current situation in my life, I had 3 LV bags that I got between the years 1997 - 2002.

    Then this year - all between March and September, I've welcomed 4 LV items!:heart:

    I am hoping to take a trip to HongKong, and I have my new Pegase60 for carry-on all set up so I can admire it with the travel guide!

    And Yes, my LV purchases have made me feel much better, and these items are getting carried and used !

    (I hope these photos attach)
    POST3bags.jpg POST4bags.jpg POSThongkong.jpg
  2. LV shopping therapy. I totally feel ya. It helps fill my little void every now and then :rolleyes:
  3. i went through a phase back in june...and since then i've bought about 7 bags including accessories and boy do i feel much better
  4. Yay, way to go! I always get long-term satisfaction from buying an LV bag, usually about a year (I'm real lucky :graucho: )... Have fun in Hong Kong, you'll love the city! Oh, and make sure you visit the LV store there...
  5. :flowers: I completely understand what you are saying as I have done the exact same thing. Your collection looks great! It will look fabulous on your trip as well.

    In the past 1.5 months of being a member here I have obtained:

    MC Alma White
    Keepall Mono 45
    Vernis Indigo Stillwood
    Vernis Red Thompson Street
    Vachetta Strap
    Epi Lilac Dinard
    Epi Vanilla Soufflot
    Epi Mandarin Bucket
    :wtf: Oh~ what is wrong with me Now is the official Ban:banned:
    Unless green speedy or baggy pm denim at a Good price...
    Happy shopping and keep smiling!
  6. You have a great collection and there's nothing better than a few pieces of LV to make you feel good!!
  7. I ALWAYS feel better after buying something from Louis Vuitton!!!
  8. ahhh a little retal therapy never hurt anyone! Have a great time in Hong Kong!
  9. i know what u mean.. If i feel down i just log into neimanmarcus.com OR go to the nearest mall.. it always works for me ;)
  10. you have a beautiful collection! enjoy yourself in HK
  11. It makes me smile just looking at them and buying them makes all my troubles go away! Congrats and Enjoy! :yes:
  12. i love the damier... nice collection!!!
  13. Nice bags you have there!
  14. nice collection, enjoy your trip and yeahhhh I felt so good after come out with the big brown shopping bag yeahh !!!!
  15. Louis knows how to make his ladies feel better, LOL! Very nice collection you have.