louisvuitton.com sales tax

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  1. is sales tax uniform across all states for louisvuitton.com ? i live in california, and i wanted to know if i could save $ by asking friends from other states to receive my shipment. thanks!
  2. I think sales tax is applied based on the billing address of the credit card you use. It doesn't matter where you ship it. The best thing would be for you to give your friend the money and they purchase it from the boutique in the lower sales tax state but then you would have to pay for shipping and insurance which may be more than the sales tax and shipping to your home.

  3. I don't think sales tax is applied if the purchaser lives in a state without a Louis Vuitton boutique. You wouldn't be able to get around paying tax by having it shipped somewhere else, because tax would be determined by the billing address of your credit card.
  4. thanks for your advice, was really helpful. i think i'll just go ahead with paying with my own card in this case...
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    It'd be nice if you've a friend or relative who lives in a state with no sales tax.

    My state doesn't have sales tax.
    My friend lives in a state that charges 8-9% sales tax. So when she orders an expensive bag, she ship it to me to escape from the sales tax. Then I mail the package back to her, which only costs her $10-15.
  6. Sales tax is determined by the address to where it is shipped (NOT billing address).
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  7. I've had LV items shipped to my house from Boston. I paid shipping but no tax. I live in New Hampshire, so no income tax or sales tax.