louisvuitton.com order lost in transit?

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  1. Has anyone ever experienced their louisvuitton.com order lost in transit? Or a passerby/neighbor signing for the package instead of the rightful owner?

    Will LV compromise and send a replacement package? Or is it not their responsibility for lost or stolen items? ;x

    Thanks for your comments!
  2. no... I've ordered 3 bags on-line with no problem.... the only issue i had , is that i never knew when it was arriving to my house. Did fed-ex tell you that it is lost? You do have to sign for the purchase. . so I'm sure they can track it that way. good luck .
  3. I believe it will be fedex's responsibilty, Ive had other items lost in the post by Royal Mail, such as my Liz Earle skincare products, Liz earle sent me a declaration form to sign and confirm that i had not recieved the package and if it did turn up then i must return it to them...they sent me a new package
  4. yes. Neiman Marcus sent it to the wrong address. So they sent another one to me. Then I got a call from the person who got my package by accident.... so I ended up with two bags. I felt guilty so I called my personal shopper at NM and told her. She said Fed Ex already reimbursed them and to just keep it. WOW!!! Two LV's for one! Nice!
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  5. ^^ wow that was cool!!

    I had a coach bag delivered and they let my neighbor sign for it. (I do not even like my neighbor) I was soooo mad I called fed ex and ranted. I do not think they should just assume it is cool to leave a bag at a neighbors home.
  6. Me. Just today. Delivered at the right address, to my house which is not an apartment, and someone else, not from my house, received it. And to think we were just at home!
  7. LV would have to replace or refund you and then they should claim from their shipping company.

    Has a package you were expecting gone missing?
  8. This is an awesome story!