LouisLover260's Modest LV Collection


Jan 16, 2008
Hello fellow LV addicts! :welcome:

I thought it would be fun to post my small LV collection. I've been chomping at the bit to buy some new pieces, but with the holidays right around the corner I can't. So to help myself not feel so bad I decided to take out each piece and photo them. It also helped me to appreciate what I already have, rather than searching eBay for more Epi!

Without further ado:

I have always been a big fan of LV, but until this year I never really collected much more than a bag or two at a time because I thought I couldn't afford it. But this Toledo Blue Keepall 45 really fueled the fire! He's from 1988 (same as me) and he looks great!

My next purchase a month or two later was a brand new Monogram Speedy 40, from 2010. He's beautiful, but I'm a bigger Epi fan.

Then I bought some SLG's, the LE Groom Agenda, ZCP PT15 and Epi Cles. My next large purchase was the Borneo Green Speedy 40. I believe he is from 1992.

Any my latest purchase (August) my Epi Borneo Green Sac Plat GM. I :heart: this bag more than words! It's such a brilliant design, and the color just sets it off!

Well that's my modest collection. I hope you enjoy them. I had lots of fun taking them all out and getting to play with them for a bit. I usually carry a plain black Marc by Marc Jacobs tote that I can throw around, and I save these for special days.


Baked Goods Goddess
Aug 24, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
I love your collection! I think we should call you the Epi King from now on. Without seeing your lovely Borneo Speedy I would never have bought the colour myself!

My fav's are your Sac Plat and that lovely little splash of Mandarin!


Jul 29, 2009
'Modest' - what do you consider 'big' LOL - I love your Sac Plat, I've only ever seen it in Mono before.


Apr 6, 2010
Gorgeous collection! I love that every piece has it's own special place, and I will admit that your Toledo Keepall is my absolute favorite. May your collection continue to grow, and may you wear these in the best of health and happiness. Thanks for sharing!


Apr 1, 2010
400 Degreez
Hey fellow Epi lover! Thanks for taking the time to post these fab pics! My favorites are the Toledo blue and groomsmen agenda! Congrats on your fantastic collection.


Feb 9, 2010
Alberta, Canada
Hi LouisLover!! You know I admire your collection! haha.. your Toledo blue keepall was the reason I got mine!
I think all your bags look beautiful, including the smaller pieces you have, and its good that you found a greater appreciation for them, after taking the photographs.

Its nice to just love and appreciate what you own/have.. atleast for a while, right? Before the search for the next bag is on.. :graucho: