Louisgurlxoxo's shoe collection

Feb 17, 2007
Long Island
I LOVE shoes, and hopefully someday I will be showing you much much more!!

First, a group photo of my designer babies

Here are some individual pics:

Christian Louboutin Cataribbon (my puppy ate one of the toes)

My Christian Louboutin Rolando's (I got these for $310!!)

Stuart Weitzman sandals in a candy apple red. So fierce!! My stepfather said "That is a color you don't see on shoes, it looks like a hot car color" I couldn't agree more. The pic does not do it justice. It is more of a red color.

Coach flat "Noel" in black. This is the only thing i own that is coach. I LIVE in them, they are so comfortable.

I'm gonna post the Jimmy Choo's next
Feb 17, 2007
Long Island
I :heart: Jimmy Choos!!


I got these on eBay, the seller unknowingly sold me two different sizes. That was a nightmare!! I have not worn them nor will I probably ever.

These are really comfortable and a great summer shoe. The style is called "Toto"

And last, my little Nine West collection, they are great shoes for work. I love the Maryjanes because they remind me of YSL Tributes but with a $49 dollar pricetag :tup:

Thanks everyone for letting me share :love:! In a half hour I will be posting some Vuittons in that side of the forum if you enjoy LV come take a peek!!


Jul 11, 2006
Nice collection. I just sold my gold WARM flats on ebay. I have heel spurs from competitive skiing and they just killed them, but they are so cute!