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  1. here are my babies....

    epi collection

    Monogram collection

    entire LV collection


    selling the epi lilac dinard 500
    selling vernis rose ss spring street 500
    selling epi lilac mabillon 500

  2. nice bags!
  3. Oooh the pap 19 is so cute ! Very nice collection.
  4. GREAT bags!!!
  5. I can't get over how gorgeous that Spring Street is! :love: Thanks for sharing your collection :biggrin:
  6. i love your collection!!!
  7. I love your Lilac bags, they are very pretty. You have a great collection.
  8. Nice bags. Cute collection!
  9. Great bags! thanks for sharing.
  10. Wow I noticed we have similar tastes in bags as I have many of the same bags. I looove your lilac items especially. Thanks for sharing.
  11. the spring street is soooo cute!
  12. Beautiful collection!!!
  13. Very nice collection ... love all your epi bags!
  14. very nice collection! i have the same monogram wallet.
  15. Love the Vernis Spring Street!:love: You have a beautiful collection!;)