Louis Will Be My First

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  1. Well, I'm new. Hi.

    I haven't been sleeping well at all for weeks now. I just had this...epiphany (corny but whatever) and now I want to collect a couple LV bags, coin purses, and go off for a summer vacation.

    Here's my list of what I'm hoping to have in my hands. I'm going to San Francisco LV tomorrow so we'll see what happens. If I choose to go with whichever one I want.

    Trouville Canvas

    Batignolle Canvas

    Papillon 26 Canvas

    Ellipse PM Canvas

    LE Conte De Fees Musette Gray (if I can find one)

    Pochette Florentine Canvas

    Speedy 30 Damier

    Anyway. I'll be honest, I'm not rich but these bags fascinate me so much and all I think about is their feel, holding them, using them, etc...

    Anyone else destroying their credit for these babies? ;)
  2. Well not destroying my credit but I have gone a little crazy recently.

    Have fun at LV. Be sure to let us know what you get.
  3. :girlsigh: Oh dangergirl, that's how it all starts!

    You have some lovely choices picked out and you're right, nothing will compare to picking them up and feeling all of the glorious details. Congrats and let us know what you pick!
  4. YAY! Another one joins the "dark side" LOL

    I think out of those that you have listed, go with Speedy 30 Damier, Trouville (perfect for a getaway type of bag - even better is the Deauville - just a tad bigger), Pochette Florentine (this little guy is SO functional!) and Batignolles (you should also try out B Vertical and B Horizontal). I love the Papillon, but the 26 doesn't hold that much. But after feeling them and trying them out, make sure you come back and let us know all about your experience!

    BTW - WELCOME to tPF! :welcome::flowers:
  5. that's a long list and very good chocies...:yes:
  6. Well, I haven't gotten out to San Francisco yet but my favorite bag in the world is now on the lovely yellow brick road of UPS towards my house!

    It's an FC Speedy 30...of course I don't have to say anything for any of you to know what condition it comes in : used. But guess what? The Talon zipper close is such a beautiful, tarnished rustic color I couldn't say no.

    It should be in a "LV addict" condition. I mean it should be beautiful!

    Other than that, I'm debating what to get at the boutique; can't wait.

    I'm a BIG bag girl...love big bags...so the best bet for me would be the Speedys, Trouville, Deauville (thnx Sarah!)

    Au revoir haha:heart::heart:
  7. Hiiiiii!!! I wanted to give you this link because I remembered you were looking for one of these...


    It's not in absolute pristine condition, with rubbing and such on the backside. It looks authentic to me, but you should have it authenticated for a second time by the girls over at the Authenticate This! sub-forum, if you're interested! :yahoo: