Louis Vuttion Groom Collection

  1. Hello everyone. first off I just want to let everyone know how cool it is to have everyone be supportive of each other...you all are awesome. I am new to PF...I join because I got addicted to reading and viewing all the really cool pics. I'm glad I joined...PF is so great. I had a question...maybe someone can help. Does anyone know if the groom collection will consist of handbags too or just the small leather goods? thanks everyone!!!!
  2. Welcome.

    The Groom collection will not have any bags, sorry. Just the small leather goods.
  3. hello. thanks so much...I am very excited about it...I was just hoping there would be...that's too bad. thanks for your help =)
  4. Welcome!!!!!!

    I don't think the groom collection would look good on a bags anyways?
  5. :crybaby: I was looking forward to a speedy with the little man on it.
  6. Welcome LV-Fanatic!!! The Groom Collection Is Great...It Would Be Adorable On A Handbag ~ Especially The Pochette!!!!! :smile:
  7. So today i went into LV flagship store at 5th and 57th in NYC and asked about the groom collection--the SA was unfamiliar with it and asked her manager, who, she said, told her that was a past collection and they were not getting anything in for the future. I asked, are you SURE and she said yes. What's up with that? I'm going to go to the Soho store to see if they have any idea about it..I'd love to get on the list for a changepurse but if the NYC store is clueless...what's a gal to DO?
  8. sooo funny...same thing happend to me when i got on the waitlist...they had no clue what the groom collection was...i wish i worked there so i can get all the limited items without being on waitlist...will they might have to be on waitlist tooo...but ohhhh... the pochette florentine with the button on it...employees only...does anyone have that one?
  9. thanks everyone...you guys are the sweetest...
  10. I believe groom line will only come in accessories such as; monnie ronde, cles, PTI, compact zipped wallet, zipped organizer wallet and small agenda.
  11. By the way, Welcome to PF LV-fanatic
  12. you know your LV's haha...thanks for all their names...great help...and thanks to all...very happy to be here.
  13. Welcome!
    I like how they will only be on smaller items (I'm waiting for a red Port Monnaie Rond), but I do think it would look cute if they would put the little guy on the corner of a keepall.
  14. ^^^ I don't know why but it sounds SO CUTE!!!:tender:

    Welcome to PF, LV-Fanatic!:flowers:
  15. thanks irene....oh I am in love with your speedy collection...I've been wanting the graffiti since it came out...it was soo hard to get one then...and now!