Louis Vuitton's Spring 2007 Collection At Paris Fashion Week

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    Marc Jacobs has obviously been a busy little boy for Louis Vuitton, frantically ripping up faded jeans and sewing the pieces together, glueing buttons over everything he can find, spraypainting, and generally raiding the arts and crafts cupboard at his local kindergarten. This collection for Spring 2007 was very eclectic, amongst all the glueing and stapling on of feathers and fake fur, he obviously found time to nip down to Walmart to pick up some of those red, blue, and white checked plastic carry-bags and stamped the Louis Vuitton logo onto it. What was left of the collection was a confusing mish-mash that is better left to the 5 year-olds. If his aim was to create butt-ugly monstrosities that not even Victoria Beckham would use, then he succeeded brilliantly.
  2. I do not care for anything new for 2007. I am disappointed.
  3. I have one word for LV in 2007 ............. crap.
  4. What a mess :yucky:
  5. out of all of them


    the beige bag (right) is the ONLy bag that's decent looking!
  6. I don't like them very much - well girls, better for our wallets!!! :graucho:

    BTW it seems that golden chains will be a must - I'm glad as I've recently got my first Chanel and it has the golden chains :smile:
  7. Yes... but without that chain that looks plastic :sad:
  8. ^ yeah... nothing is really appealing. just out of all them if i HAD To pick, that be the one.

    not impressed either!
  9. I think the Monogram Dentelle is going to be the Sleeper hit of that collection, trust me! Everyone hates it now, but when its in your hands, you're not gonna want to let go! :p
  10. Sorry girls, I love them all haha :smile:
  11. If the plaid was in a different color combo it might be cute.
  12. Who wrote that review? LOVE some of them, don´t care for some of them.
  13. the middle one is my fav:

  14. I'm very disappointed in this season too. Usually each season there are a few pieces I absolutely drool over, but not this time.
  15. That Dentelle is growing on me :smile: