Louis Vuitton's Nurse Parade

  1. Stephanie Seymour "L"
    Eva Herzigova "O"
    Rianne Ten Haken "U"
    Anne V. "I"
    Carmen Kass "S"

    Natalia Vodianova "V"
    Angela Lindvall "U"
    Isabeli Fontana "I"
    Karolina Kurkova "T"
    Lara Stone "T"
    Nadja Auermann "O"
    Naomi Campbell "N"



  2. [​IMG]

    credit: JJB/moussemaker
  3. [​IMG]

    My favorite so far!
  4. I love it.
    Although, LV could have done better than Naomi Campbell...:sick:
  5. Slightly creepy (okay, VERY creepy nurses!) but amazzzzing bags
  6. i love Namoi Campbell!! lol also Isabeli Fontana this was a really cool concept...I guess the outfits were meant to not take away from the bags...but I think the look a lil weird ...
  7. I absolutely LoVe it.
    Stunning, amazing, beautiful...
    Thanks for sharing!

    I love those bags too...a few remind me of Mirage...done in Rainbow. Like an MC/Mirage hybrid :p
  8. It will be interesting to see these IRL!!
  9. I LoVed it im obssesed with nurse unifors:love:
  10. Girlsgottoshop I agree! It is so hard to tell what they REALLY look like from these shows. And we all know they change the bags by the time the actually come out!
  11. It reminds me of Silent Hill (scary game with nurses) I think it's quirky...
  12. I love this Idea !!!
  13. Is it just me or does anyone else find these bags to be kind of ugly and off-putting? I don't know, the coloring looks really bizarre and almost amateur, and the result is a line of bags that would be difficult to match with and are generally unappealing. Just my opinion though.

  14. OMG! I thought the same thing. It was a little weird. I love shows that are edgy but this was kind of camp but not camp enough, it was off. Bags were interesting. Is that writing on them???
  15. hmmm, I'd have to see them irl, I guess ... it's just not getting me too excited.