Louis Vuitton's newest Artistic Collaboration

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  1. I saw these new Capucines previewed yesterday... I know they’re more art than handbag, but still :shocked:

    The wave one and the giraffe one are both pretty to me, though. The flower with the roots growing out gives me the creeps.

    A0B41644-B842-439C-9E6B-D09CC4A2523D.jpeg 1D72860E-CA0E-4202-BFFB-C9CA618699C2.jpeg
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  2. I believe most of us are becoming accustomed to what is being shown by the fashion houses these days. Good or bad, publicity = publicity and keeps people talking about the brand. I personally do not care if they continue to produce what I consider hideous bags as long as they continue to make the classics, LOL. This definitely belongs in the "just because it's designer ...." thread.
  3. This is “how to save (a shedload of) money” on a stick
  4. This is so you don’t have to carry snacks IN your bag.. or maybe it’s for hungry toddlers... or maybe walking your dog..
    I can see hanging a sippee cup, maybe a nice doggie bone or perhaps a bottle of champagne.. a hotdog at a ball game
    Why stop at food.. perfect spot for an umbrella, or maybe a basketball!
    So much potential Haha
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  5. They remind me of the Lady Dior art bags, but Dior did a much better job at making those bags into works of art.
  6. I was one of the nominated clients who got to see the preview earlier this week, i had to say no but these aren’t my style.
  7. Were they all the same price, and do you remember the price range?
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  8. They are all €6500, i assumed close to $10,000 by the time US prices are published. 6 artists and 300 bags each, 5 are PM and one BB. Numbered , with certificate, and signed. Preorder until 10 June here by nomination only, those nominated can pick number(s), the remaining unpicked ones will be offered to public in July.
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  9. So weird. Who wants a piece of fruit hanging off their bag? I don’t really mind the other ones, I do see them as art. But the fruit one I just don’t get. Is it detachable? It must be a huge pain to use. I can just see the chain getting tangled up and the fruit spinning around. Hitting your thigh or your butt while you’re walking.
  10. I love the one with the interchangeable food items!! Brilliant. :loveeyes:
  11. I thought some of those were worse. :faint: 85A3239D-5E70-494C-9344-1E99D28D8A99.jpeg
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  13. Just hideous. SerpentineHeartfeltLarva.gif
  14. I actually like the bottom three Capucines. :smile:
  15. I love all of them. I think they are great!