Louis vuitton ?

  1. I Love Louis Vuitton bags but can not afford one right now and refuse to carry a fake. I plan to buy my MC speedy 25 when I turn the big 40 which is in 2011. Is allright to have a LV theme on my blackberry pearl even though I don't have a bag yet.
  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Just because you can't afford it right now doesn't mean you can't like LV. :tup: I am finally getting my first LV because I couldn't afford it but I have always loved it. Your day will come and you'll have the LV of your dreams!!!
  3. MC Speedy's only come in 30..:yes: or do you mean Monogram Canvas?
  4. If you don't carry a fake, it's ok to like LV whichever way you want.
  5. of course!
    people have sports themes and don't play for the team you like what you like you don't need to own it

    Welcome to TPF by the way
  6. Yes I mean monogram Canvas:yes:
  7. Welcome to TPF! Hang in there--- You'll have that Mono speedy before you know it!
  8. yeah! i have an lv theme on my lil nokia :smile:
  9. You never know .. maybe one day you would find it for a good bargain!
    Good luck!
  10. Good on you for going against the fakes! :smile: I think it would look gorgeous to have the LV theme on your blackberry pearl~
  11. Yes!! Look for a bargain.. you mite get your little piece of happiness sooner than expected!
  12. Welcome to the purse forum.:welcome:I think it's great that you are prepared to wait until you can afford your dream bag and why shouldn't you have LV backgrounds etc if you love LV? - hope you end up getting your bag sooner than expected, whether as a gift or an eBay deal.:tup:
  13. welcome and its alwasy nice ot save up for the real deal...:yes::tup: i've LV as amy computer background:graucho:
  14. how do i get one of these LV themes on my blackberry? Oh but to answer your question... OF course you can have a theme on your phone w/out having the actual purse.