Louis Vuitton Zippy Damier Ebene Issues & Wallet Recommendations?

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  1. I am on my second Louis Vuitton Zippy wallet in the last 3 years. The first one was replaced by my SA due to issues of the threads popping out. The wallet was sent to be resealed and when it was returned, they messed up the seal and graciously replaced it with a new one. Unfortunately, my current one is doing the same thing. I don't over stuff my wallet and keep minimal coins in the change pocket if I have any and I still am getting loose threads once again. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I'll be popping into LV this weekend to see if I can get it resealed and am looking into a new wallet. My mom has the same wallet in monogram, is an over stuffer, and the thing looks like it's brand new. I love the size of my zippy and would like something of similar size but have yet to fall in love. Would love to get some recommendations by people who have some of the larger wallets and love them. Thanks!
  2. What about the clemence, smaller than Zippy or Emilie, smaller than the sarah? Is currently my two fav ones.
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  3. Do you have photo what’s like damaged wallets?
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  4. I highly recommend the Clemence wallet. I never liked the zippy long wallet because I find it too bulky and not feminine enough. But zip around wallets are EXTREMELY functional and secure. So in September I got both the clemence and the zippy coin purse.

    I can't be happier with both. The clemence has 8 card slots (you can easily find places to hold even more cards), the size is long, but slender, and with the pop of color in zipper pulls, I find them very ladylike and I fell in love with mine at the store. It was love at first sight. Then I started using it on my travels, and it's been perfect. I never have to worry about a lost receipt, a frequent flyer card. And on days I don't carry so many cards, I can even fit my iPhone SE in one of the 2 compartments. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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  5. I got mine in monogram with fuchsia interior. I might get another one in the empreinte leather in this red.

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  6. DO NOT GET THE EMILLIE WALLET!! The wear and tear is crazy and after awhile the envelope flap starts to lift up, the button wears, glazing lifts and only 4 credit slots!!!!

    I've been looking to replace the Emillie and have noticed the Adele!!! The Adele looks very feminine. Also look at the men's Wallets, they have some really nice styles. Good Luck!!
  7. So this is after I have burned off the excess. The strings got about half an inch for each one so I burned them off instead of cutting them off

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  8. I will definitely take a look! I just gifted a clemence wallet and I thought that it was a little too skinny for me! I’m still kind of old school and enjoy the bulkiness, especially since I travel for work pretty often! I do love the new one with the flower detail on the zipper pull! Will definitely check this out this weekend! Thank you! And the empirente material is beautiful! I’m still worried with scratching on it! I have a pochette Métis in empriente and I worry that the material is too soft for daily use! I won’t lie - I’m pretty rough with my stuff!! Love Louis Vuitton for the durability!
  9. Ahhh!!! I wanted an envelope wallet long ago and thought of purchasing the Emilie for occasional use! Now, I probably won’t be doing so. It doesn’t look like it holds enough for me!!

    Men’s wallets are a great idea though!! I’m definitely going to look into that. Thank you!
  10. I bought my mom a Sarah Wallet Mono last year in July and the envelop opening is curling upward so she's pretty upset about that. I have a Clemence Wallet Noir and i love it. I like the zipper more cause there's no wear curling like the canvas wallet. I bought my fiance a Multiple Wallet Graphite back in January of 2015, and the side of his wallet curls a little too. It is a little irritating.
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  11. Wow, your zippy is heartbreaking. I had 2 Clemences, both were defective. The 1st one was the original launch and there was a creaking issue. My 2nd had a crack in the glazing between the canvas and the leather. I swapped for a leather Sarah and it was great for the year I used it. No issues and great capacity. Much more convenient than the Clemence. I loved it when I had but needed to be careful with bills.
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  12. My zippy in vernis lasts me more than 10 yrs with no problem except to replace the zip head aft abt 7 yrs of use.
    The other long wallet that i like will be emillie (spelling?) wallet which suits my needs as i don’t carry many cards.
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  13. How sad!! I purchased a Multiple Wallet in Taiga leather in like 2013 for my boyfriend and it's still like new. It's crazy how different material and timing of when it was made makes a difference. I love having a zipped wallet and worry the clemence is too small! Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely be checking out the clemence this weekend.
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  14. That's awesome! My mom's zippy is still perfect and she has had hers longer than I have had mine. I will be looking at wallets this weekend and will check out Emilie! I do carry a decent amount of cards though so I hope I can find something I like! Thank you!
  15. I know this is an older post but I’m curious what happened to your wallet, after you burned the loose threads did the wallet hold up? Thank you!