1. I had such a dull morning this morning with numerous meetings until my copy of the LV x Visionaire 52 Private's grand arrival to my desk. Thanks for the nice delivery man for delivering this such heavy book! And here is a pic of it:


    Private is a limited edition of 2500 numbered copies. I got a nice number! No: 100! I feel so lucky! :nuts:There is a Louis Vuitton sticker on the front of the wrapping paper.:roflmfao: I can get a glimpse of the LV Miroir case with it all wrapped up. I am so excited! :yahoo:
  2. More pix plz! Where did u find this goody!? Can't believe it's still around? #100 eh? :graucho:
  3. I can't see the pic, is it only me? i'm at work and the firewall might have blocked it.. :sad:
  4. oooh, what's inside it?
  5. What about inside pictures???? We wanna see the miroir LOL
  6. PICS!!!! :yahoo::nuts:
  7. ooo more pics! you know that we are not a patient bunch!
  8. inside pic!!! pleasee:wlae:
  9. congrats!!!
  10. can't wait to see more pics! congrats!
  11. That's not very nice of you to only post one picture!!! :p

    Show us the inside!!!
  12. More pictures..pictures...pictures!
  13. [​IMG]

    Hey guys here are the pics of the Visionaire 52 as requested. These photos are exclusive to TPF users only so please don't post them elsewhere. Thank you.
  14. Oh what a lovely piece - congrats!
  15. oh wow! congrats!! x