Louis Vuitton X Supreme

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Are you a fan of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab ?

  1. Yes I love it

  2. No I don't like it

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  1. All the merchandise has been sold to VICs from select LV shops in the US that were invited to order up to 10 items each.
  2. Thanks you! I guess the problem has been solved!
  3. I think Corp only send inventory to two pop-up stores in the US. I guess since LA got shut down by police then they just decided sold all LA and part of Miami inventory to VICs.
  4. Yup u can the will need u to sign cc and ship direct to u address
  5. Are you saying that everything is sold out? or just being sold directly to VICs?
    Because when I ordered my item on Saturday, I was offered more than just sneakers to purchase.
  6. Even they reserved inventory for VICs. Everything should be sold out by now. They have less than 100 keepalls and backpacks through US.
  7. Words fail me to truly describe how poorly LV handled the rollout of the collaboration. From not even bothering to attend the NYC community board meeting regarding the popup permit to the way they responded to queries on social media, I expected much more from this brand.

    If LV is going to put its name on something then the powers that be need to make sure that every aspect of the product -- from manufacturing to marketing -- reflects the stature of the brand.
  8. What a disappointment. They really messed this one up. Meanwhile they can't give away the Koons krap.
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  9. Do you think VIC orders could really clean out the inventory though? I mean aside from the popups, hawaii, vancouver and was it eight continental US stores(?) were set to sell stock this friday. This was not a rumor. Locations actually confirmed the date, and if not all, the spots that didnt outright confirm it never denied it, which indirectly confirmed it lol. So there's gotta be a decent amount of inventory to be sold, and your typical VIC is not the same demo as the average supreme supporter. The collection's design offers nothing amazing to someone unfamiliar with the brand.
    Although I could totally see LV being naive and underestimating the response, I'm starting to wonder if LV is actually playing everyone and intentionally taking people on a roller coaster to drum up hype to high levels and work everyone into a frenzy to ensure huge sales because they made a lot more product than people think. I still see fragment collection pieces for sale, and although this is a different collaboration, it is a bit surprising, almost like a "limited" item wasnt truly that limited. With the leaked product sheets showing certain items marked as key investment items, you would think those would have been offered up to other established clients, not just VICs. Something doesnt add up.
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  10. The thing is they never ship any supreme inventory to the regular LV store. Only two pop-up stores received them. All VICs orders ship from the pop-up store instead of regular LV or warehouse. Usually, they need transfer the item to your SA's store and your SA will ring your order up. I guess LV just never ship the Supreme items to the regular store and they will never. From my personal experience, Miami pop-up stores only received 225 box tees and around 100 hoodies. I talked to some LV Corp employees at the Miami store and they are all very disappointed that they didn't see too much LV clients. I have to say 95% of pop-up store customers are not LV clients. That's why they start taking VIC orders.
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  11. Just confirmed LV still releasing the collection outside of the US.
  12. I can't stop laughing! The last part was really funny!
  13. They finally came to their senses! Should have done it this way from the start!
  14. Just made my day :biggrin:
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