Louis Vuitton X Supreme


Are you a fan of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab ?

  1. Yes I love it

  2. No I don't like it

  3. Other comment

  1. How do you guys feel about the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration? I'm personally not a fan at al..
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  2. I never understood the hype behind Supreme..

    Really disappointed in Kim Jones's direction :sad:
  3. I love it and I am very excited for this collaboration!
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  4. I really love some of the pieces.
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  5. I think it's really fun, but I enjoy streetwear-inspired style. I can see how it would be polarizing though.
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  6. I'm not a fan. But it's blowing up though. My SA is getting phone calls and texts and people coming into the store demanding to buy the collection. Everyday.
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  7. I don't think I'll buy any of it, but I like it and I like streetwear. I've been a fan of Kim Jones ever since he was with Umbro. We were even friends on MySpace! LOL I absolutely love what Kim Jones is doing with Louis Vuitton. I definitely think it's better than the Chapman brothers collaboration.
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  8. Not my cup of tea. :P
  9. like it...fun...street vibe...
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  10. Went to see my SA yesterday because my bf wants some stuff. Apparently they had a meeting about it because everyone is getting bombarded with questions. They don't know prices or any details like what will actually be produced or the quantities. The logo jacket is one of a kind and won't be made. They can take waitlists for the dj case and some other trunk but prices are $50k plus. My SA thinks they might only get 1 or 2 units per style and it will probably be all presold to clients on wait lists. She said to let her know which styles he wants asap so when the SKU comes out she can add us to the waitlists.
  11. It's definitely not my cup of tea
  12. I have never heard of Supreme... either I'm just completely "out", or maybe they don't have much exposure in my country (Finland)...but in any case the red items with the huge white text that I saw on here is definitely not something I would ever be interested in acquiring.
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  13. Exactly what my SA said...
  14. It's not my thing at all but I can see why people like it and I'm sure we'll see celebs with the line.
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  15. I think it's quite hilarious that middle-aged bourgeois women who love rose ballerine are like "I don't like it."
    GOOD. IT'S NOT FOR YOU! :lol:
    It's a collection aimed at everything that you DON'T represent.

    And it's equally not meant for me either. But I recognize that it is a genius move.
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