Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garçons Pop-up Shop Opens + PICS!!!


May 26, 2006

Lastnight Tokyo lit up as the very highly-anticipated Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garçons pop - up shop finally opened up to Japan’s elite. LV-goers comprised of Japanese fashion editors and local Japanese celebrities racked up on orders from Louis Vuittons newest collaboration. The pop-up store is located in Japans trendy Aoyama district. WWD reports that the Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garçons pop-up shop’s interior features gray concrete walls as well as an exposed metal staircase. Steel boxed - LV emblazoned fixtures feature Kawakubo’s latest creations, which are tightly mounted into the walls and are also placed around the new temporary store. And while the LV x CDG collection is quite minimal [only six pieces] - that didn’t stop party goers from window shopping - all orders placed last night were collected and placed in a special leather sleeve and patrons were given a voucher. After six to nine months, finished LV x CDG orders are to be picked up at selected Louis Vuitton stores in Japan. ATTENTION TO ALL LV COLLECTORS - if you know someone in Japan - be sure to get the ultimate hookup! Seriously these bags are already collectors items seeing as though they can not be found anywhere else but in Japan. The price ranges start from 78,750 yen, or $726, for a 12-centimeter-tall rectangular bag to 194,250 yen, or $1,790, for the aforementioned duffle.
Since we’re not one of the lucky ones to make a round trip across the pacific we can sit back and check out the views of Wednesday night’s opening event. The Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garçons store officially opens to the general public starting today and will stay open for three months.

pics and text from trashbagaesthetics:tup:




Jan 23, 2008
I am planning to go to Tokyo this nov/dec for the papillon with animals. But for USD1730, I am not sure if it is worth it. Is it going to be a regular papillon?

I asked my SA last week and she told me that the bags can be sent to Singapore to be picked up, but from the above text, it can only be pick up at selected LV store in Japan?


Sep 1, 2007
Who is that woman in the pic with the man. She looks so excited to be there..... LOL

Thanks for posting. I'm not sure I'm into these bags. Are they suppose to look vintage? Some of them seem to have that treated leather.

That mini HL thing with all the handles looks cool.... for a girl with different length arms :biggrin:

Oh and a cool store.