Louis Vuitton Women’s Pre Fall 2020

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  1. someone just posted an all black with matte hardware in another thread
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  2. I think that's me ;)
    Yep I managed to get one!
  3. #33 Feb 24, 2020
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    Not sure if this is pre-fall or fall but it's gorgeous :loveeyes: for cream LVoers
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  5. Ooooooooo:love: I like them all!
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  6. Lots of cream & braided details coming soon:heart::heart::heart:

    The braided Pochette Metis is a SS release
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  7. Love the nomade leather Neo Noe and the 3 pouch bag!
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  9. That cream Petite Malle is making me :drool:
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  10. Is there a FW2020 thread? If so, please link. I have a lot of pics of the handbags.
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  13. I need this tote! Even though I personally think it's a little bit on the tacky side, I do love The Exorcist. It's one of my favorite books and my favorite Horror movie Screenshot_20200325-123622_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20200325-123622_Instagram.jpg
  14. FoxyLV posted on Instagram that this has been cancelled.
  15. I was very sad to hear that this collection is cancelled. I was really loving the smooth leather Noe in tan leather with monogram interior...