Louis Vuitton Women’s Pre Fall 2020

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  1. Ooh the trio and duo canvas bags are nice!
  2. Love that hobo and neonoe...
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  3. That nomade neonoe is hunting my will power!
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  4. Great pics
  5. That one could cause me to break my bag ban for the year!
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  6. #21 Jan 27, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2020
    My SA let me know that the all black petite malle is available to order now! So I asked him to place an order for me. Can't wait (for my ticket to ban island...lol)

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  7. Some of these are beautiful and innovative. But I’m exhausted. I can barely keep up with all these new shapes and styles that come out every couple of months. I want to spend some time just loving and appreciating the styles that just came out.
  8. Love the Dauphine hobo - does anybody know when it will be released?
  9. I hope that too!! I have had the Alma in Nomade leather a few years ago. She was so beautiful!
    Very sensible for scratches but really nice!
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  10. I think LV makes too often new models! I don‘t like that..
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  11. That's their strategy to get people back in stores often. They used to have a much smaller catalog.
  12. I know that you get scratches on the Nomade leather easily but I just wanna something different instead of canvas bags. Like to feel the real leather! I hope you understand what I mean
  13. Does anyone know when the preorder often starts for the pre fall collection? I particularly like one of the pieces from the men’s side (see attachment). :blush: TIA xx

  14. Does anyone when these will be available?
  15. I don’t know. Am hoping to get more info myself
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