Louis Vuitton Women’s Pre Fall 2020

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  1. 9CA52492-D1FA-48F2-850E-C3625216218A.jpeg 417E17AE-7CD1-4916-B268-520655297C4A.jpeg 41A06CE4-F967-48F3-8A80-F8CDEF4ADA3E.jpeg D8C8FA5E-F8E8-4D83-A021-F820B4A5E5D7.jpeg A1DDE67D-AE06-4A2C-87F8-1182811DBF68.jpeg 121029D6-4F16-4239-AB63-B4A5357F7374.jpeg 45076765-1DD2-4740-9AAE-CF6DE4596EBB.jpeg 4351B9F0-CDF3-470F-A415-A279AD86B589.jpeg 8D9EE866-39B2-4062-95C2-A6472DAA0B5B.jpeg

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  3. I like very much.
  4. Is the NéoNoé in Nomade leather? Gorgeous!
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  5. I hope so.
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  6. Thanks for the great pics! Excited to see these- finally some bags I actually like.
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  7. Omgggggg love!
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  8. Ok this photo gives me hope that the all black petite malle I saw in an instagram post alongside this all white version is still coming! I asked my CA to keep an eye out for it and he told me he's worried it might not make it to the US because it keep showing up as not available to him. it's pre-fall and not SS then

    fingers crossed ...


    P.S. here's one link for the pre-fall look book https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/pre-fall-2020/louis-vuitton
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  9. If you don't mind the wait, you can special order the PM in a variety of colors and hardware finishes. Talk to your SA.
  10. I hope they will do more bags with the Nomade Leather
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  11. Wow, that NéoNoé! :loveeyes:
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  12. That purple empreinte leather is gorgeous.
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    Okay... After a very long time a say: Wow!!! :loveeyes:
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  14. Me too! Love the small bucket like bag in mono and reverse, and the Neonoe!
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  15. Neo Noe is gorgeous! Lots of lovely bags! Thanks for all of the pics!
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