Louis Vuitton Wholesale? Is it True?

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  1. Hi all....I'm just wondering about ths wholesale thing. Is it really true? there are eBay sellers who mentioned that they got their item from wholesale....

    Please help me ;)
  2. Louis Vuitton does not sell wholesale, if a seller is saying that, they are fake.
  3. It's a filthy lie, sorry.

    LV can only be purchased at retail, though either a Louis Vuitton Boutique or eluxury.com (in the USA). You can find good deals on used LV on eBay or other resale sites, but there's no such thing as "wholesale" or "irregulars."
  4. Yes...that's what I thought. Sometimes I'm confused how these sellers dare to have 2x guaranteed money back policy. However...thank u guys....I just need to confirm it since my best friend almost fell for it...
  5. If you see a bag on eBay, have the great guys and gals here look at it. they will tell you if it is authentic!
  6. Please try using the search feature above next time... this question has been asked MANY times before.

    Also as mentioned before, please post all authenticity questions in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section. ;)
Thread Status:
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