Louis Vuitton washing machine tragedy !

  1. My brother received a billfold for his birthday that my friend brought back from Paris for him. He loved it to death - to the poiint where he wouldn't even put credit cards in the slots to make sure nothing was stretched out. Well, he doesn't have to worry about making marks anymore since it just went through the wash yesterday in his pant pocket ! :Push:

    The wallet no longer stays closed anymore and there are imprints to where he had his cards tucked into the bill slot. He's so heartbroken !

    This is a way long shot, but has anyone done anything similiar and has managed to make that wallet look good as new ? Or do you have a story of horrific accidents involving your Louis Vuitton ? :yucky:
  2. Oh my gosh!! i'm so sorry!!!!
  3. OMG!! what a terrible accedent!!:sad: :sad: I am so sorry for what happened and that i am totaly no help here.. but i shall offer my prayers!! :crybaby: Hope something can be done!
  4. OMGosh sorry to hear :sad:
  5. oh no! can you bring it in to your local LV to see if they can save your wallet?
  6. yeah, i agree with poutine, maybe the LV store can help? good luck!
  7. that is horrible!!!!!!!! I hope he can get it fixed!
  8. AAARGGHHH it's nighmare.....
  9. So sorry to hear...
    Try LV store for sure
  10. oh no!!!! that's sooo tragic. yes, maybe the nearest LV shop can help?
  11. oh dear. :sad: all i know is when my damier wallet started to wrinkle cuz i left it in my car too long and it got hot and wrinkly, my SA told me to keep it closed and flat under a heavy weight, like a book, in a cold environment and that should help take out the wrinkles. (worked like a charm! now you can't tell that was ever there!) so maybe that could work?
  12. Oh no!! Thats terrible! I hope that everything works out in the end!
  13. :Push: that is a tragedy. can you maybe close the wallet and let it air dry? my mono wallet once got soaked (left a water bottle open in my purse by mistake) with water too. it left water marks (uneven leather color tone) for a long time but eventually it faded.

    hope you can save the wallet. good luck.
  14. So sorry to hear that.:sad: Maybe LV CAN do something about it? Try it, you never know. Good luck!
  15. OMG, that's so tragic. I hope that LV can do something about it.