Louis Vuitton was selfish with Miroir

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  1. Hi, Im sorry if this offends anyone, I really dont mean to. I just wanted to express my opinion.
    Im very angry at how LV has Marketed the Miroir range. Alot of people did not know that Miroir was coming out and so they didnt put there name on a waiting list until a very late date. But what about the people who NEVER got on a wait list and have only just noticed the Miroir on the LV website, some people will be very upset that they didnt know about it and cant purchase anything from this range.
    I myself did not know about Miroir until first coming onto this forum, even then it was a very late stage to put my name down for a peice.
    Im angry at the way LV has marketed it, Im happy that lots of you got you're Miroirs because you are people who deserve it and will use it or put it into your collection. But there are certain people on Ebay who buy peices of Miroir and sell them for $1,000 - $2,000 more than retail and that is a major profit. I understand that there are waitlists but these greedy people just dont deserve them, Although people are not forced to buy from Ebay....they do because its the only alternative. I hate the fact that someone who doesnt really bother about LV has put their name on a wait list for some Miroir and got it then has put it on Ebay for $2,000 more than retail, yet someone who would like a peice of Miroir for their collection and would really appreciate it cannot get hold of one. Its a really bad situation.

    Sorry about the rant LOL :supacool: :rolleyes:
  2. That's ok to rant..:yes: :yes: :P
  3. Well to be fair, the fashion-savy people knew that LV was making Miroir bags... the bags were featured in every article about the upccoming gold/silver trend of this season.
  4. I think its like anything else, you have to keep up on this with your SA. I think if you have a good relationship with a SA they will let you know what is coming up.
    now that you're part of the forum you wont miss out.
    I guess its also like the Cersies, they were big but have gottem bigger and everyone wants one.
    Give it time and the fade will slow down and you might get one.
    Perhaps try calling your local lv store and seeing if they have one that isnt spoken for.

    Good luck!
  5. I'm not sure I understand....how did they market this bag that you disagree with? In the last 6 months, I've seen the miroir bags in numerous magazine stories in all sorts of ranges of mags, no less...
  6. I understand that people do read magazines but what about people who dont or dont have time to ?. There must be a large majority who dont and why should these people miss out. I myself (I dont know if other brits havent) but I have only saw Miroir in Vogue once. There are people who check the LV website day in and day out looking at new products but do not buy lots of fashion mags or visit forums...so why should our fellow louis vuitton brother and sister fans miss out ?.
  7. It's Limited Edition after all, gotta be exclusive and limited to LV lover who did their homeworks. True LV fans would seek all info from website, SA, Mags, be in the forum etc to find out about upcoming items especially limited edition items.
  8. My
  9. I totally understand that you are upset. Its frustrating when great lines come out and they are unobtainable. I have personally spent alot of money at the LV boutique and my SA keeps me in the loop. I am a LV purist, and my SA knows that. The mirror line is limited edition. That means only a few people will be lucky enough to purchase it. LV cannot possibly make everyone happy and keep lines limited edition. The good news is, every season there is a limited edition. I would have a talk with your SA and tell him/her your concerns and that you would like to get the new hot bags. My SA also knows that if I ask to be put down on a waitlist I BUY what I say I am going to do (alot of people do not do this) and I have NEVER returned anythign to the store. All of these factors are things that influence who gets what bags I think. Dont get discouraged. The next great bag is just around the corner!!
  10. Sorry I gotta disagree with you on this one the Miroirs have been in Vogue a number of times (speedy, pochette & keepall)

    The way I see it is that LV is like a big Club with different tiers of membership. Lv like to cultivate their members and keep them buying this is why we get free gifts and private parties. The Miroirs (and other LTD EDTS) are almost like an reward it doesn't matter how much money you have if you don't have a certain level of brand loyalty you can't buy that bag. It's a status symbol. LV is about Clients not customers Sorry if that comes across snotty,
  11. Not sure what you expected them to do short of shouting it from the rooftops. Isn't its being featured in magazines enough, since most people who are really into fashion do read them?
  12. Sorry you can't get your bag...its sad there are so many sellers on Ebay that bought only to resell for 1000's more. I feel your pain, been there. I feel bad for you.
  13. Well they stress that it is a limited line. They still should have it on their site to advertise, it was on the runway so they showed it there. People who perhaps buy these things in hopes of selling for a profit, i think there is nothing wrong with that, people do it with houses and cars all day long, and maybe they bought the bags to actually USE but want to see if they can make a profit and if they cant or dont sell them, then they keep and use them.
  14. Hi dear

    Don't b too upset. It's just a bag at the end of the day. Although they are good to collect but it will certainly loose it's appeal very soon. Buy the classics they always sell well and yea.

  15. Oh ELUXURY is supposed to be getting this line. I would keep checking there and if you are persistant you might be able to snag one on Eluxury.
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