Louis Vuitton Wapity

  1. ok girls thinking of buying this....just because its so cute...but what do you carry in this little wapity and how often do you use it...

  2. I used mine as a camera case - but my camera was stolen, so now I plan to use it when I go to the bar as a wristlet
  3. i just dont get wapities? i dont like the shape and are too small to fit virtually anything! thats IMHO i can understand a need/want as a camera case as livinluxuriously pointed out or to hold small things, but i like the pouchette cles (hehe im getting one in july) but i mean that only fits change and cards (mabe folded notes) but i dont know i think its much more attractive
  4. I have 2 (mono and white MC) and love them. It holds my money, credit cards, phone and keys. It's perfect for those occasions when I can't or don't want to bring a bag, but I need just a few essentials.

    Tonight my white mc wapity was the perfect thing for a barbeque with friends. I use my wapity a couple of times a week and wonder how I ever lived without it!
  5. what does a wapity look like?
  6. I would buy a digital camera just so I could have a use for a wapity! LOL
  7. I used mine the other night to go to a concert and it was great! I put some cash, my id, cc, and keys in it along with my cell. No problem! It was so nice and handy like everyone says to go out without a bag and hold just the essentials!
  8. I'd love to see a pic of someone carrying their Wapity.
  9. i use mine to hold my keys and lipgloss. keeps the keys from ripping the lining of my bags. it's happened before and the cles is too flat for all my keys.
  10. me too! I wish I could see a pic of someone carrying their wapity.
  11. i use it everyday as my wallet... in the pocket i can fit 10+ cards.. and in the main compartment i throw all my coins, notes and receipts... and if im going out to a bar i use it as a purse and throw my keys, cell and lipgloss in it!!!!
  12. :lol:
    i almost bought a white Sony PSP just so i could slip it in the PSP case LV made. thank god i came to my senses :rolleyes:

    not really digging the Wapity. i still think the Partition is cuter :P
  13. I have a partition and a wapity lol - I use the partition as a more dressed up bag - it comes with me to bridal showers, engagement parties, etc. The wapity is the type of bag I wear clipped to my belt loop at the bar - because if I didn't I'd definitely lose it :graucho:
  14. Actually that isn't true. A Wapity fits a lot of stuff - for me I can carry my flip phone, MAC Blot powder compact, credit card, id, cash, lipgloss and my keys. That's exactly what I need to carry when I am going to a crowded place like a bar or casino and don't wanna carry a bag. :biggrin:

    I LOVE my Wapity :heart: Its adorable and useful :heart: