Louis Vuitton Waltz Oskar or Mizi Vienna

  1. Hey guys..

    I'm absolutely DYING for these two pieces..If anyone knows of one for sale anywhere let me know please.. and to anyone out there that has them, you have great taste :yahoo:
  2. Karen Kooper has the Mizi Vienna on sale!
    You can also look on ebay but be carefull for fakes!
  3. I love the mizi, but both bags are special!
  4. The one on Karen Kooper's site is already sold...u can try asking Karen Kooper/Let-Trade to keep an eye out for you for either bag actually...Let-Trade sold 2 already so far...
  5. How much do they sell for on let-trade?

    Any other websites that you recommend? I'm scared bidding on ebay!
  6. LV is a wonderful yet expensive hobby :smile:
  7. i would sell a kidney for a mizi
  8. go for the mizi , I have one and I love it.
  9. How much do they sell for on let-trade and such sites?
  10. i prefer the Mizi Vienna; the leather on that is exquisite:love:. plus i can't stand the Waltz bags :yucky:
  11. :roflmfao: I would so do that for a Vienna Mizi too..but I really dun think anyone would want mine...can't even get a LV key pouch for it...

    Rella869, AFAIK, the green Vienna Mizi on Let-Trade went for $2599. The black one on Karen's site went for $2800. So you can expect the price to be around there.

    MiroirPrincess, lurrvvee the pics of ur Mizi!! She's so HOT!!

    Oh no! This thread just stirred up my lemming for the Vienna Mizi again!!!:hysteric:
  12. I know how you girls feel. I got my black one and I was so happy. i was thinking of getting the aubergine color. Love limited editions.

    Yuex, why don't you like the Waltz bags?