Louis Vuitton Wallet Stolen

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  1. I purchased this LV wallet about a little over a month ago with the graduation money that my family had given me after finishing college. Today it was stolen. :sad: I didn't even realize it until I was home since I was mostly just walking around the city with my friend, not paying as close attention as I should have. So a few hours passed since I was pickpocketed and when I was finally able to prevent any more charges on my card.

    After hours of cancelling cards, contacting my bank, etc. I still can't help but feel bad that it happened. How do you shake off that bad feeling after someone just steals from you like that? And how do you shake off the worry that someone bad could have your information? :sad:
  2. I'm really sorry this happened :sad: I think it helps to talk about it as you do here. It's a loss of a possession and trust.
  3. So sorry this happened to you. It is truly unnerving when someone steals from your personal space. It is a violation for sure. I have caught a couple of people trying to pickpocket from me over the years, which I have always felt somehow shocked by. "Why would you do this to me?"
    I have also had it happen a couple of times and didn't notice until later.
    All of it can make you feel very distrusting. Please try to remember that you are safe, and whatever that person is doing is a reflection of their troubles.
    Most of the time in these cases they are looking for a quick buck and not digging deeply into ID theft.

    Also, at this point, all our information is "out there" through the many hacks across the internet. Take charge of your fears by keeping an eye on your credit to make sure no one starts any new accounts. Some credit cards offer free access to you credit scores and activity such as Capital One.

    Keep an eye on your things and your credit, but don't let fear rule your world.

    Big hugs to you. I know it hurts.

    Also, if you can, treat yourself to a new wallet.
  4. Thank you! I'm definitely glad nothing worse happen and I think I took all the necessary actions to prevent any further problems from coming up.
  5. Thank you so much, your words definitely helped me feel better.