Louis Vuitton vs Chloe

  1. I like Louis Vuitton bags the best, I thing they are better than Chloe bags. What does everyone think?

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  2. I have always loved LV but I guess it just comes down to personal taste.
  3. Personally, I rank Hermes and only Hermes above LV.
    Other brands I consider lesser or equal to LV, and although I'm not familiar with Chloe, I'd consider it equal to LV.
  4. I'm not too familiar with Chloe..I like the smushiness of some of them though. Otherwise I couldn't make a fair judgment about it because I'm obviously more familar with LV.
  5. I wouldn't say one is better than the other. Definitely a matter of taste. Both are superior quality premium designer bags.
  6. in order hermes, LV, chanel any other bags are below those 3 IMO
  7. i think i'd choose balenciaga over chloe. i don't know too much about either brand but think i like balenciaga designs better. but LV always :smile:
  8. I agree. Some Chloe and Balenciaga fans will argue that their bags are all leather for similar and in some cases smaller price points. I have a Chloe bag that is very well made but quite heavy. For style I prefer Balenciaga over Chloe and LV is my favorite...but that's really just my personal preference.
  9. Considering you posted on the LV forum... lol
  10. Well you're in the LV forum so i'm going to say we're bias and will say LV.
  11. you're preaching to the choir ;)
  12. erm, did u post this on Chloe thread as well? i wonder how it will turn out over there. :yes:
  13. IMO Louis Vuitton but it's all a question of tastes
  14. I like Lv better.
  15. I LOVE LV, but I would take a python silverado any day!