Louis Vuitton VS Chanel

  1. Well if you truly like the brand don't be put off because everyone is carrying it. If that the case I will not buy Chanel too because where I live I see Chanel as often as LV :smile:
    Btw, canvas might be the common case but have you counted how many carrying Mahina line or SC? Or if you have extra $$$ try order your own haute maroquinerie LV ie made to order high end luxury leather. I believe they are using same quality leather as Hermes and to cater some clients. Mind you the price quite steep and as low as $8000.

    But in any case if the LV itself as the brand make you sad because many carrying it (which is canvas monogram or DE) well it is your choice. Be happy with it.
  2. you must live in a rich area....i felt the same about gucci in one place i lived in, but when we moved, i realized it only seemed that way because everyone there could afford it...

    louis vuitton is still only a dream luxury for many people...just like having a car.now that i have a car, it seems like everyone has one.....but that isn't true everywhere....many people still have to take public transit or walk
  3. i love both with all my heart.lol.buy what u love.never because of the brands...coz if the style of the bag doesn't fit ur lifestyle,u won't be wearing it eventually.
  4. Chanel flap bags are always my dream bags :smile: I'd be sooo happy if I can afford them in the future.
  5. Some LV bags are like this - speedies and neverfull and even the Trevi seems to be around a lot... But there are some lines in LV that not a lot of people carry - for example SC. I also hardly ever see vernis Alma's where I live, so it still feels special to me.

    Chanel flaps also seem to be as popular - I see them a lot too. If I wanted one, I could get one - but they just dont appeal to me... Each to their own though!!!
  6. Each to their own, I like all brands if I like something I buy it whether its £1 or £1k its about me being happy :smile:
  7. I have several LV and one Chanel vintage classic flap;

    love love LOVE my Chanel flap but as others have stated it is a bit more high maintenance - the feeling of walking around with it on is something else though! My bf is French, and thinks it should be worn with a casual outfit rather than something dressy otherwise it looks too OTT....after he said that I can't help but agree.

    That said. Every time I chuck on my Eva ebene and run around in the rain etc. I can't help but think it was a much much better investment. Plus I'm a sucker for anything gold hardware or plates. Anything LV vernis in amarante to me looks just as elegant as a flap in my opinion for what 1/3 of the price?

    Also everytime I go into a Chanel boutique they are rude and unhelpful. I had one SA tell me when I was inquiring about flaps that they ONLY come in caviar and not lambskin like I wanted. The only time I have even been offered a bit of help was after I had just come out of the Hermes boutique carrying a fresh purchase - lol.
  8. I carry both Chanel and Louis Vuitton. There's really no rhyme or reason as to which handbag I choose to carry at any certain moment. I use my Chanels and my Louis for daily use. However, I definitely use my Chanels for my more "dressier" occassions, especially my WOC. But, I'm constantly freaking out about scratching them or even having someone else touch them (shameful!) :panic: . On a different note, I absolutely love the durability of a Louis Vuitton! They just don't ruin and they can't be beat! So, I guess I'm in love with the look and feel of a Chanel, but the durability and "daily" wear of my Louis! I'm just hopelessly in love with both! :love:
  9. ive both n i love both also.i'll suggest u to get one classic chanel bag now,the one tat u really like n will wear it(for everyday/special occasions) coz the price keep on increasing crazy high from time to time.ive the maxi n gst both in black with gh.although i love chanel so much,yes i dun feel comfortable to spend tat much again on a bag eventho i really like the cerf tote n keep on debating with myself to justify the price.i could buy 2 bags n 1 slg with tat price!lol!
  10. Just wondering....
    1) Do you favor one over the other between LV and Chanel?
    2) Have you ever left one label for the other and/or returned to original?
    3) Of the 2, which do you think is the better quality?
    4) In your opinion, do you think one or the other is more conservative or for the (can't find word I want to use!) older, mature person? Don't mean to offend anyone with poor choice of words.

    Thanks so much!
  11. I keep trying to like Chanel or the look of Chanel, but I just don't think it suits me or my lifestyle. I think it's too formal.
  12. Hi. My first Chanel was a m/l caviar with silver hardware. I was so excited to get it. I was no kid, either. It was about $1600 and a good friend reminds me that it would be my very last designer bag. Actually, it would have been, but I cashed in my Nordstrom points and bought a GST. And, on, and on, etc. At some point I got a LV bag in St. Barth's. Then another -- an Alma epi in rouge. I think the thing about LV that I like is the spareness of their design in some bags. Especially the epi bags. Somehow LV usually has what I want in textiles and leathergoods. And, they have lovely things for DH. As for other labels, I have a small collection of Hermes bags. Then, I left the others. I got all caught up in the Hermes mystique. I have a small collection of handbags, but I have a very large collection of scarves, including some interesting shawls and a gorgeous beaded poncho. But as loyal as I was to them, the dropped me like a hot potato. They never called me back after several phone calls. They had the audacity to raise their prices to over $400 for a 90cm. Just unbelievable. This has nothing to do with me personally. This has to do with Hermes and its new rules or something or nothing. I went right back to LV. Their service is stellar. Their collections are modern and crisp. They have something for anything for any budget. They do not talk down to anybody. They know if you are not going to buy anything, but are happy to just chat. That could make for a sale next time. They are good. So, until something tickles my fancy, I am really happy with my new Athenia Lilia (I think it may be pre-fall) and my lucky find of a Sofia Coppola in Creme. It made me so happy to find that bag that I had been looking for. So, I have some new shawls and a gorgeous silk huge scarf. I am impressed with my new boutique. It is small, but lovely and they will do anything for you.
  13. I tried so hard to love chanel, but I just can't and would never tho! I went into chanel store many many times when i was sydney, looked at the marterial and the make and the services and the quality.....just everything. I just couldn't convince myself to like this brand.

    The most interesting thing happened was....when I tried on some chanel bags, the security guard saw me have my LV bag with me, he then told me, LV would be the best choice if you're looking for durable bags. Even the sale assitant told me :- "Well, they're all leathers, you need to look after them!".....Well, "BANG"!! I know what they meant. So.....I went straight back to my LVOE, and got my artsy emp. instead. :smile:

    Too much for me with that kind of big price and also I have to super careful with the bag. No way, I want to spend my money for carefree and with no worries at all. So.....LV is still the best brand for me. I think I will chnage my mind, ever! :smile:
  14. I owned LV before Chanel and have always been excited by the diversity of LV's designs. There was a certain line of bags that I adored and my DH thought they looked like cheap Wal-mart bags and would be a waste of money. In general, he has not been a fan of anything LV even though he was the one who bought me my first bag. He supports me spending more on Chanel for what he perceives as higher quality and more understated bags. As I have reached my 30s, I have questioned whether I could pull off flashy logo LV bags and the bags end up sitting in my closet. I bought 4 bags last October and ended up selling them on eBay earlier this year because I did not have the excitement to use them like I do with my Chanel.

    For me, I enjoy my Chanel bags more because they are less recognizable, have classic designs, and the quality is amazing. I have bags from years ago that were used heavily but still look brand new and flawless. I have also had a better return on my investment when selling my unused Chanel bags compared to my LVs so I feel it wiser to continue to invest in Chanel which makes me happy now.

  15. Wow - loving the diverse thoughts!
    I know I can do searches for all 4 of my ?'s above but I like having new opinions all in the same place.
    I think I will enjoy this thread and hope others do too!